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Cruiser Motorcycle Fender Lights

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Drag Specialties Rear Fender Tip Light
Drag Specialties Rear Fender Tip Light These tip lights are a perfect fit on OEM and aftermarket rear fenders Clear fender light comes with amber and red bulb Replacement lenses available separa...
Kuryakyn LED Rear Fender Corner Trim
LED Rear Fender Corner Trim
You save $17.00 (10%)
Kuryakyn LED Rear Fender Corner Trim Mini chrome ground effect strips with rear corner marker lights for your trike will surely get some attention The 12? long light bar with red lens wraps the co...

Latest Reviews

Timothy Ros (Fort Bragg )


Super Bright

I was tired of riding around in the dark literally. The not so bright yellow light that I had just wasn't working any longer. I brought this one based on other recommendations and love it. It is super bright. I take the bike out at night just to ride because I can see so well now. The added bonus is that it is much brighter during the day and makes me that much more noticeable as I drive down the road.

gary tron (charlotte )


look good, but...

these are bright, and pretty good price point. mostly easy to install, although the wires weren't long enough, so i had to splice some wire to make them reach the stock connectors. the lenses pop off pretty easily like other reviewers have said. i just glued them on with some clear grip glue. they also will fall apart if you tighten them too much upon install. the metal thread part will pull itself out of the rubber stem. but if you don't tighten them, the nut will back itself off (even with the supplied lock washer). took off road one time and the threads pulled out (same as if you overtighten). i think these might be ok for street use, but if you go offroad, i'd suggest something a little bit tougher. can't send em back now cos i got glue all over them. it's ok...what do i expect for 25 bucks?!

Gary (Pine Mountain Club )


light mounts

Well designed & made, worked well on my Victory Cross Country Tour crash bars. Very nice product.

Sean (San Diego )

Cost Benefit

simple, look the part

for a fairly simple part, these work well and look good. not too cheesy and not too sub-market. mounting is fast and easy. I added a rubber grommet at each end to provide a more snug headlight bucket mount. I also glued a few strips of neoprene to the inside of the fork mounts to provide extra grip. happy with the outcome on my 40yo project bike.

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