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Scorpio SR-i1100 rLink Moto GPS Alarm

Revolutionary technology that adds a whole new dimension to your moto lifestyle. The NEW rLink Moto Technology System is more than just an extraordinary motorcycle alarm system. rLink is also continuous network connectivity and GPS tracking. Your rides are logged, mapped and shared through popular social networking connections.

Tracking and recovery are just the beginning of the security features for the rLiNK system. rLiNK integrates Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) for hands free alarm operation and a three-axis accelerometer to detect movement, shock and tilt. The included three-stage, programmable perimeter sensor protects luggage and external accessories. Two way communication with unlimited range and Police accessible theft tracking keep you connected to your motorcycle at all times.

Use rLiNK to view maps of your rides and receive instant progress updates with detailed trip stats. The Rider Down accident notification keeps you covered while you are riding, while the Group Ride feature allows rLiNK users to connect with each other and share trip information during the ride. Upload maps, top speed and segment times quickly and easily to Facebook and Twitter with rLiNK’s social networking interface.

Every rLiNK comes with a universal harness that will easily connect to any powersports vehicle that uses a key and a 12-volt battery. “Plug and Play” OEM factory connector kits are available to simplify the installation by plugging directly into the vehicle’s wiring harness for a simple, straightforward install.

Standard Features
  • Communication
  • Quad Band EGSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
  • GPRS Class 10
  • Over-the-air firmware updates
  • Point-to-point mobile originated and mobile terminated SMS
  • EASY SCAN automatic scan over GSM frequencies
  • Mobile Web and iPhone app for smart phone access
  • Police accessible theft tracking
  • Rider Down Accident Notification
  • View maps of your rides from a computer or smartphone
  • Receive point-to-point weather updates during a ride
  • Instant progress updates, top speed and trip stats through text message
  • Group Ride feature allows rLiNK users to synch up and share trip information
  • Upload maps, top speed and segment times quickly and easily to Facebook and Twitter
  • Virtual Odometer
  • GPS KickStart weak signal acquisition technology.
  • SuperSense is capable of tracking and acquiring extremely weak signals even indoors.
  • Under 1 second Time-To-Fix positioning engine, providing excellent performance in the most challenging environments.
  • Over 1 million correlators, capable of massive parallel time/frequency space searches enabling it to find satellites instantly
  • 2-way communication with unlimited range
  • Manual arm/disarm option
  • Programmable override code to disarm alarm
  • Single button, waterproof remote
  • Remote panic alarm/bike locator
  • Movement, Shock, Tilt and Ignition Alarm Notifications through text message
  • Motorcycle battery voltage monitor
  • Easy install universal mounting kit
  • “Hands Free” RFID controller with selectable auto/manual arming
  • Low power+/- 5g 3-axis accelerometer measuring static and dynamic acceleration to detect motion, shock, and vibration
  • Programmable multi-stage perimeter sensor detects motion around the motorcycle and protects parts accessories and luggage.
  • Ignition circuit sensor
  • Built in NMH back up battery
  • GPS antenna tempering detection
  • Flash memory can record and store over 1000 position reports
For Factory Connector Kit click application below: **Notes:
  • rLiNK uses cellular to send alerts and GPS for tracking and mapping. This requires a yearly data plan that will cost $120
  • Multiview images are to show programs that are available, phone and laptop sold separately
  • Item # 28835
  • SKU #261612
  • Mfr. Part # SR-I1100

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Scorpio SR-i1100 rLink Moto GPS Alarm

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SR-i1100 rLink Moto GPS Alarm

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Cost Benefit

Love it!

I installed this in about an hour on a 09 R1. Its simpler than a car stereo if that worries you. Its only a 2 way system if you have a smart phone. My wife has the iPhone so she will get notified if it goes off. On the plus side I don’t have to leave notes when I go on a solo ride. She will know right where I am if I don’t return when expected. A plus on the twisties with mountain drop offs here in AK. Your family can also look you up on line to see where you are. Motorcycle Superstore doesn’t stock the siren. Its available on the rlink site. P.S. If you give your wife access she can see your top speeds and you will probably get yelled at. ;)

Charles - July 28, 2010

(North Pole, AK)
Cost Benefit


If you have never attempted to install an alarm system, do not worry it is not that difficult. As long as you realize that the provided instructions are of little help. Give yourself plenty of time to install this alarm, not because the wiring is difficult, that is the easiest part. The fun or difficult part is figuring out where you are going to put all the components. Do that first before you do anything else. I have had this alarm for a week now, so far I think it is great. Keep in mind that you need to order a siren as this does not come with one!!! I like being able to use my iPhone to check on the status of my bike.

JG5010 - June 09, 2010

(Tucson, AZ)
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