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    XX-6 Disc Lock with Alarm
    $71.94 - $71.99
    You save up to $8.01 (10%)
    Xena XX-6 Disc Lock With Alarm High-grade mono-block alloy construction and piercing alarm make the XX6 a remarkably effective way to protect your motorbike or scooter. Lock: Fits virtually any scoote
    Keeper 5S-2 Disc Lock
    You save $7.00 (21%)
    Kryptonite Keeper 5S-2 Disc Lock Stapler style disc lock immobilizes vehicle to prevent roll-away or ride-away theft.Dual-reinforced, high security, disc-style cylinder 5mm pin diameter fits smaller v
    Li'l Bully Disc Lock
    $18.95 - $24.95
    $14.29 - $18.79
    You save up to $6.16 (25%)
    Bully Lock Li'l Bully 5.5mm or 10mm Disc Lock Simple and easy to use, the Bully Lock Li'l Bully Disc Lock is cheap insurance ensuring your bike from riding away without you. Available in two sizes so
    KryptoLok DFS 10 Disc Lock
    $38.99 - $39.99
    You save up to $8.96 (18%)
    Kryptonite KryptoLok DFS 10 Disc Lock Will fit all disks with an opening of at least 10mm in diameter and 2-1/2" from outside edge Lifetime key registration and replacement Made fro
    Kryptonite Disc Lock Reminder A disc lock is great but not when you forget to remove it and then ride away crashing and destroying your brake caliper. The Kryptonite Disc Lock Reminder stops this from
    Billet Steel Alarm Disc Lock
    You save $14.96 (25%)
    Bully Billet Steel Alarm Disc Lock 110db Screamer! Milled from billet steel 8mm hardened steel pin Anti-pick lock Movement sensor integrated right into the lock Electronics s
    Disc Lock Reminder
    You save $0.96 (16%)
    Bully Disc Lock Reminder Lightweight, easy-to-pack, yellow coiled cable 2 looped-ends; 1 for disc lock, the other for handgrip Don't ride off with your disc lock on your brake rotor ever again
    U-Shaped Disc Lock
    You save $8.96 (30%)
    Bully U-Shaped Disc Lock Constructed with specially heat-treated steel to resist cutting Easy-to-use locking mechanism Keyhole cover keeps dirt out to ensure smooth operation Vinyl-c
    Evolution Series 4 Disc Lock
    You save $6.96 (12%)
    Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 Disc Lock Oval crossbar design with a hardened 5/16: shackle resists cutting and leverage attacks Reinforced anti-drill/pull cylinder with more than a mil
    KryptoLok Series 2 Disc Lock
    You save $3.96 (10%)
    Kryptonite KryptoLok Series 2 Disc Lock Features: 1.7" x 1.9" (42 mm x 49 mm) 13mm hardened Performance steel shackle High security, disc-style cylinder Reinforced sleev
    New York Disc Lock
    You save $7.96 (10%)
    Kryptonite New York Disc Lock 1/2" kryptonium steel shackle Steel sleeve in a "crossbar over crossbar" construction High security, anti-pick disc style cylinder with double dead bol
    ABUS Provogue 305 Disc Lock 5 mm steel bolt Easy handling due to big closing button and automatic locking The bolt is made of special hardened steel Quality cylinder Two keys are supplied with the lo

    Latest Reviews

    Kerry (Franklin, NC)


    Excelent lock

    This is a great lock. Just the sight of this thing on your bike will deter any thief. Came with three keys, one lighted for nighttime use. You will need saddlebags or some kind of tail bag to pack this thing in as it is heavy. I take my bike on camping trips and pack it in with my gear and never have to worry about someone rolling it away while I sleep.

    M fontanella (Boston , MA)


    Great lock but U too small

    Great lock, has not gone off except when disturbed. Only problem is it won't fit over the front or rear wheel on my H-D Superglide Sport! Won't reach through the forks either, one needs to be creative to use it. Also came with bad batteries but once a new set was installed it worked perfectly.

    Jordan (Grand Rapids, MI)

    Cost Benefit

    Great Buy

    Works great and is long enough so I don't have to strain to get the bike locked up. Lettering on the chain cover started coming off after a few storms but that's cosmetic. The best thing is my bike hasn't been stolen so it works exactly like is should and is much more affordable.

    Dave (Toronto, ON)

    Cost Benefit

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    Any movement of the lock at any time caused the alarm to sound even when not on the bike. Not real great when you're riding! Plastic clip used to hold in the module broke first time I touched it. Really poor quality. Finally got fed up, took out the alarm and just used it as a rotor lock with no alarm.

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