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NGK is the world’s leading supplier of spark plugs for virtually every motorcycle, automotive, marine, and small engine application. Firing up engines since 1936, NGK spark plugs lead the industry in technology, innovation, and world class design. NGK spark plugs are the OEM spark plugs of choice in a wide array of street and cruiser motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, and scooters. And a substantial number of NGK spark plugs sold in the United States are made right here in the U.S.
NGK pioneered the development of new ceramics and their revolutionary application to integrated computer circuitry. NGK also introduced copper core spark plugs to the consumer market as well as the world’s first copper-core plug and iridium-center electrode. The iridium spark plugs are the alternative for getting more power. The high-performance iridium spark plugs use a precious iridium metal middle electrode developed specially for the newest engine technologies; but they are also a high-performance alternative to standard plugs for older motorcycle models in order to completely utilize power reserves. The electrode material iridium is almost completely resistant to spark erosion and it enables an especially narrow middle electrode, which allows a more ignitable mixture to reach the ignition sparks. This leads to a reliable ignition.
Nowhere is the dominance of NGK spark plugs more obvious than in motorcycle racing. In the top class, the MotoGP, not a single race was won in recent years without NGK spark plugs, because nearly every team trusts NGK. NGK spark plugs are the workhorses at the heart of smooth-running engines around the world. Motorcycle Superstore offers a large selection of NGK spark plugs, including iridium spark plugs, right here. Get yourself some new NGK spark plugs to power your ride with reliable, consistent performance across the rpm spectrum.
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