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Dirt Bike 2-Stroke Oil

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Lucas Oil Semi Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil
Lucas Oil
Semi Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil
$4.99 - $35.95
You save up to $1.51 (23%)
Lucas Oil Semi Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil This clean burning formulation is what the world has needed for years Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil is smokeless because the "would be" emissions are burned, t...
Motorex Formula 2T Oil
Formula 2T Oil
You save $2.32 (13%)
Motorex Formula 2T Oil 2-stroke engine oil with high synthetic content Clean, low-smoke combusion at the same high performance Developed for racing 2-stroke engines Premix or injector pump use wit...
Torco T-2R Two Stroke High Performance Oil
T-2R Two Stroke High Performance Oil
You save $0.71 (7%)
Torco T-2R Two Stroke High Performance Oil T-2R High Performance 2-Stroke Oil is designed for today's High Performance Recreational Machines. T-2R's well-balanced blend of smokeless synthetic and h...

Latest Reviews

Paul LS (Frankston )


Best I've tried...

Let's be honest... chain lube is a pain in the a**. You get lube all over your wheel, the chain gets dirty, it flings off getting everything else dirty. You have to remember to do it... makes you want to buy a shaft drive bike. This is the best I've come across however. It flies off the least (it ALL comes off so don't buy into that 'won't fling off nonsense you read), it goes on 'wet' and dries fairly dry. I have pretty regular riding habits so every other trip out (which makes between 200-250 miles) when I GET BACK and the chain is warm, spray the lube on. Put your bike up overnight and the lube dries on. Keeps your chain working as it should with a minimum of filth. Nothing else I've tried works as well

Razzle (Golden Square )


Tried it and like it.

Best I've ever tried. Reduced noise and easier shifting. The extra cost is well offset by more kilometers between changes.

Marcello (Westport )


Motul 710

I have been using this stuff for a few months now, I used to run maxima super M but it spooged way too much so I switched to this, its definitley a great oil for low rpm woods riding unlike motul 800 little spooging but not too bad I am switching though because I am beginning to race and want a oil for higher rpm riding

Mike Tanner (De Beque )

Cost Benefit

Problem solver

Belray, is awesome, I had a whine coming from the transmission while cruising, and neutral was always difficult to find. after changing to Belray in my RoadKing, whine is gone and neutral is now findable.