Speedway Motor Shelters Motorcycle Shelters Size Chart

Speedway Motor Shelters Motorcycle Shelter
Model Size
F650 Standard/Sport
F650 GS Standard/Sport
K100 RT, LT Touring
K100, RS Standard/Sport
K1100LT Touring
K1100RS Touring
K1200 LT Touring
K1200 RS Touring
K75 Standard/Sport
R100 R, RT Standard/Sport
R100, RS Standard/Sport
R1100R/S/RS Touring
R1100RT, GS Touring
R1100S Touring
R1150GS Touring
R1150RT Touring
R1150S Touring
R1200C Touring
R1200R Touring
R60/5 Standard/Sport
R65 LS Standard/Sport
R75/5/7 Standard/Sport
R80,R80ST Standard/Sport
R80RT, R80GS Standard/Sport
R850C Standard/Sport
R850GS Standard/Sport
R850R Standard/Sport
R90/6S Standard/Sport
Speedway Motor Shelters Motorcycle Shelter
Model Size
BLAST Standard/Sport
CYCLONE M2 Standard/Sport
LIGHTNING X1 Standard/Sport
S3W/BAGS Standard/Sport
THUNDERBOLT S3/S3T Standard/Sport
Speedway Motor Shelters Motorcycle Shelter
Model Size
748/750SS Standard/Sport
900SS Standard/Sport
916/996 Standard/Sport
M750/M900 Standard/Sport
ST2/ST4 Standard/Sport
Speedway Motor Shelters Motorcycle Shelter
Model Size
FLH SPORTSTER 883/1200 Standard/Sport
FXD, FXDS Standard/Sport
FXDL Standard/Sport
CONV Standard/Sport
FXT, FXSTB, FXST Standard/Sport
SOFTAIL FXSTS Standard/Sport
FS, FLSTF Standard/Sport
FXSTDI Standard/Sport
FLHRI-FLHRCI Standard/Sport
FXD Standard/Sport
883-C/883-R/883-H/XL883 Standard/Sport
FLSTFI Standard/Sport
T-BIRD SPORT Standard/Sport
V-ROD Standard/Sport
M750/M900 Standard/Sport
ST2/ST4 Standard/Sport
Speedway Motor Shelters Motorcycle Shelter
Model Size
CB1000 Standard/Sport
CB1000C 1000 Custom Standard/Sport
CB1100F Standard/Sport
CB250 Nighthawk Standard/Sport
CB400F CB-1 Standard/Sport
CB450SC Nighthawk 450 Standard/Sport
CB550SC Nighthawk 550 Standard/Sport
CB650 (All) Standard/Sport
CB700SC Nighthawk S Standard/Sport
CB750 (All) Standard/Sport
CB900C 900 Custom Standard/Sport
CB900F 900 Super Sport Standard/Sport
CB900F 919 Standard/Sport
CBR1000F Standard/Sport
CBR1000F Hurricane Touring
CBR1100XX Standard/Sport
CBR600F Hurricane Standard/Sport
CBR600F2/3/4 (All) Standard/Sport
CBR900RR Standard/Sport
CBR929RR (All) Standard/Sport
CBR954RR Standard/Sport
CBX 1050 Super Sport Standard/Sport
CMX250C Rebel (All) Standard/Sport
CMX450C Rebel Standard/Sport
FSC600 Silver Wing Standard/Sport
GL1100 Gold Wing Touring
GL1100A Gold W. Aspencade Touring
GL1100I Gold Wing Interstate Touring
GL1200 Gold Wing Touring
GL1200I Gold Wing Interstate Touring
GL1200L Gold Wing Ltd. Ed. Touring
GL1200SE-i Aspencade SE-I Touring
GL1500 Gold Wing (All) Touring
GL1500C/CD Valkyrie Touring
GL1500CF Valkyrie Interstate Touring
GL1500CT Valkyrie Tourer Touring
GL1500I Gold Wing Interstate Touring
GL1500SE Gold Wing SE Touring
GL1800 Gold Wing (All) Touring
NT650 Hawk GT Standard/Sport
PC800 Pacific Coast Touring
RVT1000R RC51 Standard/Sport
ST1100 (All) Touring
ST1300 Touring
VF1000F 1000 Interceptor Standard/Sport
VF1000R Standard/Sport
VF1100C V65 Magna Standard/Sport
VF1100S V65 Sabre Standard/Sport
VF500C V30 Magna Standard/Sport
VF500F 500 Interceptor Standard/Sport
VF700C Magna Standard/Sport
VF700F Interceptor Standard/Sport
VF700S Sabre Standard/Sport
VF750C Magna (All) Touring
VF750F V45/750 Interceptor Standard/Sport
VF750S V45 Sabre Standard/Sport
VFR700F Interceptor Standard/Sport
VFR750F Standard/Sport
VFR750F 750 Interceptor Standard/Sport
VFR800FI Interceptor (All) Standard/Sport
VT1100C Shadow 1100 Standard/Sport
VT1100C Shadow Spirit 1100 Standard/Sport
VT1100C2 Shadow Sabre Touring
VT1100C2/D2 Shadow A.C.E. Standard/Sport
VT1100C3 Shadow Aero Touring
VT1100T Shadow A.C.E. Tourer Touring
VT500C Shadow 500 Standard/Sport
VT500FT Ascot Standard/Sport
VT600C Shadow VLX (All) Standard/Sport
VT700C Shadow Standard/Sport
VT750C Shadow 750 Standard/Sport
VT750C Shadow A.C.E. (All) Standard/Sport
VT750DC Shadow Spirit Standard/Sport
VT800C Shadow 800 Standard/Sport
VTR1000F Super Hawk 996 Standard/Sport
VTX1800C Touring
VTX1800R Retro Touring
VTX1800S Retro Touring
Speedway Motor Shelters Motorcycle Shelter
Model Size
CHIEF Touring
SCOUT Touring
Speedway Motor Shelters Motorcycle Shelter
Model Size
EJ650A W650 Standard/Sport
EN450A 454 LTD Standard/Sport
EN500A Vulcan Standard/Sport
EN500C Vulcan Ltd Standard/Sport
EX250E/F Ninja Standard/Sport
EX500A Standard/Sport
EX500D Ninja 500 Standard/Sport
EX500D Ninja 500R Standard/Sport
KZ1100A Touring
VN1500A Vulcan 88 Touring
VN1500B Vulcan 88 SE Touring
VN1500C Vulcan L Touring
VN1500D Vulcan Classic Touring
VN1500E Vulcan Classic Touring
VN1500G Vulcan Nomad Touring
VN1500J Vulcan Drifter Touring
VN1500L Vulcan Nomad Fi Touring
VN1500N Vulcan Classic Fi Touring
VN1500P Vulcan Mean Streak Touring
VN1500R Vulcan Drifter Touring
VN700A Vulcan Standard/Sport
VN750A Vulcan Standard/Sport
VN800A Vulcan Standard/Sport
VN800B Vulcan Classic Touring
VN800C Vulcan Drifter Touring
VN800E Vulcan Drifter Touring
Z_1200_ ZZ-R1200 Standard/Sport
ZG1000A Concours Touring
ZG1200A Voyager XII Touring
ZG1200B Voyager XII Touring
ZL600A Standard/Sport
ZL600B Eliminator Standard/Sport
ZN1300A Voyager Touring
ZR1100A Standard/Sport
ZR1200A ZRX1200R Standard/Sport
ZR550B Zephyr Standard/Sport
ZR750C Zephyr Standard/Sport
ZR750F ZR-7 Standard/Sport
ZR750H ZR-7S Standard/Sport
ZRX1100C Standard/Sport
ZX1000A Ninja 1000R Standard/Sport
ZX1000B Ninja ZX-10 Standard/Sport
ZX1100C/D Ninja ZX-11 Standard/Sport
ZX1100E GPz Standard/Sport
ZX1100F GPz ABS Standard/Sport
ZX1200A Ninja ZX-12R Standard/Sport
ZX550A GPz Standard/Sport
ZX600 Ninja 600 (All) Standard/Sport
ZX750 Ninja 750 87-02 (All) Standard/Sport
ZX900 Ninja ZX-9R (All) Standard/Sport
Speedway Motor Shelters Motorcycle Shelter
Model Size
DL1000 V-Strom Standard/Sport
GS500 Standard/Sport
GS500E Standard/Sport
GSF1200 Bandit Standard/Sport
GSF1200S Bandit Standard/Sport
GSF1200SA Bandit Standard/Sport
GSF600S Bandit 600S Standard/Sport
GSX1100F Katana Standard/Sport
GSX1100G Standard/Sport
GSX1300R Hayabusa Standard/Sport
GSX600F Katana Standard/Sport
GSX750F Katana Standard/Sport
GSX-R1000 Standard/Sport
GSX-R1100 (All) Standard/Sport
GSX-R600 (All) Standard/Sport
GSX-R750 (All) Standard/Sport
GV1400G Cavalcade (All) Touring
GZ250 Standard/Sport
LS650F Savage Standard/Sport
LS650P Savage Standard/Sport
RF600R Standard/Sport
RF900R Standard/Sport
SV650 Standard/Sport
SV650S Standard/Sport
TL1000R Standard/Sport
TL1000S Super Sport Standard/Sport
VL1500 Intruder LC Touring
VL800 Intruder Volusia Standard/Sport
VS1400GL Intruder (All) Touring
VS700GL Intruder (All) Standard/Sport
VS750GL Intruder (All) Standard/Sport
VS800GL Intruder Standard/Sport
VX800 Standard/Sport
VZ800 Marauder Standard/Sport
Speedway Motor Shelters Motorcycle Shelter
Model Size
1200 DAYTONA Standard/Sport
900 ADVENTURER Standard/Sport
900 LEGEND TT Standard/Sport
900 SPRINT SPORTS Standard/Sport
900 TIGER Touring
900 TRIDENT Standard/Sport
900/1200 TROPHY Touring
SPRINT ST Standard/Sport
T509 SPEED TRIPLE Standard/Sport
T595/955 DAYTONA Standard/Sport
THUNDERBIRD Standard/Sport
Speedway Motor Shelters Motorcycle Shelter
Model Size
FJ1100 Standard/Sport
FJ1200 (All) Standard/Sport
FJ600 Standard/Sport
FZ600 Standard/Sport
FZ750 Standard/Sport
FZR1000 Standard/Sport
FZR600R Standard/Sport
FZR750R Standard/Sport
FZX1000 FZ1 Standard/Sport
GTS1000A Standard/Sport
Midnight V-Star Touring
TDM850 Standard/Sport
Titanium V-Star Touring
VMX12 1200 V-Max Standard/Sport
XJ600S Seca II Standard/Sport
XV1000 Virago Standard/Sport
XV1100 Virago (All) Standard/Sport
XV1600 Road Star (All) Touring
XV1700_ Road Star Warrior Touring
XV250 Route 66 Standard/Sport
XV250 Virago Standard/Sport
XV535 Virago V35 (All) Standard/Sport
XV700 Virago (All) Standard/Sport
XV750 Virago (All) Standard/Sport
XVS1100 V-Star Custom Standard/Sport
XVS1100A V-Star Classic Standard/Sport
XVS1100AT V-Star Silverado Standard/Sport
XVS650 V-Star Custom Standard/Sport
XVS650A V-Star Classic Standard/Sport
XVS650AT V-Star Silverado Standard/Sport
XVZ12T Venture Touring
XVZ12TD Venture Royale Touring
XVZ13 Venture Touring
XVZ13A Royal Star Touring
XVZ13A Royal Star Boulevard Touring
XVZ13A Royal Star Cheyenne Touring
XVZ13A Royal Star Silverado Touring
XVZ13AT Royal Star Tour Classic Touring
XVZ13AT Royal Star Tour Cl.II Touring
XVZ13D Venture Royale Touring
XVZ13LT Royal Star Tour Dlx Touring
XVZ13LT Ryl Str Tr Dlx Deuce Touring
XVZ13LT Ryl Sr Tr Dlx Solit. Touring
XVZ13TF Royal Star Venture Touring
XVZ13TFS Vent. MM Ltd Ed. Touring
YX600 Radian Standard/Sport
YZF1000R Standard/Sport
YZF600R Standard/Sport
YZF750R Standard/Sport
YZF-R1 1000 Standard/Sport
YZF-R1 1000 Champions Limited Edition Standard/Sport
YZF-R6 600 (All) Standard/Sport

Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit. Please use this chart as a guide only.