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Tecmate Carbmate

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Rating 4.60 of 5 (1 Review)
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Tecmate Carbmate

The cost-effective electronic replacement for mercury sticks, but with the advantage of solid state electronic measurement that don't break if you drop it. CarbMate displays the difference in vacuum intake settings of two linked carburetors to an adjustable resolution of 0,5cmHg to 2cmHg on a single transverse "East-West" 9 LED display. Synchronization of 4 linked carburetors is made easy using the optional 4-channel adapter kit

  • A single green LED at the dead-centre "happy face" mark indicates that the compared manifold vacuums are equal to within the selected resolution
  • Power is provided from the vehicle battery or an external 12V battery via a 2-meter (6 ½ ft) power cable with large crocodile clips.
  • Simple, but clear user instructions are printed on the CarbMate, and are supplemented by an additional information leaflet
  • The standard kit includes the instrument and a 12VDC power cord
  • Options include a protective holster to further protect against shocks and drops
  • A specially designed carry case for storing the CarbMate
  • A 2 year limited warranty is offered. Service centers in USA & Canada
  • Item # 21455
  • SKU #202753
  • Mfr. Part # TS-111

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Overall Rating: 4.60 of 5

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Cost Benefit


I used this instrument to balance the carburetors on a Rotax 912S and found it to work simply and flawlessly. It is much easier to use and more accurate than vacuum gauges with needles bouncing.

Dan - October 08, 2009

(Frankfort, KY)
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