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Icon Variant Helmet Breathbox
Icon Variant Helmet Breathbox This simple add-on to your Variant helmet will assist in reducing the condensation that collects on the inside of your shied during adverse conditions.

Latest Reviews

Norman (houston )



When I bought an Arai helmet I thought I was buying the top of the food chain helmet. Not so. Let me start with the complaints. The face shield has nothing at all on it for fog! I have been ride with a Uvex for the last three years and it still does not fog up excpt for around the nose area. The first rain I ran through with this XD4 and the face shield fog up so bad I could not see anything. Open it a bit and still did not help. After the rain when I stopped for fuel I put my hand inside the helmet and was cleaning the outside of the face shield and it still fogged up! New out of the box after opening the face shield three or four times and it is scratched on the side. Really, Arai, you cannot do better than this? The XD4 is one of the noisiest helmets I have ever worn. Again, I compare it to my Uvex. I had better find something good to say about this very expensive helmet. It fits great. Riding all day and I did not have those painful little hot spots that some helmets give you. Also, with the peek you would expect some wind to pick it up push you around. With the XD4 I had very little trouble with this. I have some blown disks in my neck and fighting the wind and helmet all day can be a pain in the neck, I had very little trouble with this helmet. It does vent air much better than my Uvex. And it is lighter than my Uvex. Overall it is a good helmet. I am very shocked that Arai has not done something to keep their face shield from fogging up.

Travis (Marana )


Amazing but....

It's very clear, the only way you can tell it's there is because the tint, reflect perfectly no problems there. The only problem I had with it is that it's hard to put on other than that it's amazing...

Cory (Goleta )


Dual Shield

I ordered the dual lens shield to reduce fogging in colder weather. It does a great job, and does not fog up at all. The only issue I have is that the lens will not fit in the visorless configuration without some modification. There is a piece on the dual shield on the left side that will not fit with the alternate plates used when the visor is off. The lens fits fine with the visor, but you'll need to make a cutout on the left plastic plate if you want to use it without the visor.

Matthew (sedgwick )

Cost Benefit


My eyes are overly sensitive to bright light. The helmet that I wanted did not have a drop-down internal tinted visor so this was a no brainer. It's about as dark as medium sunglasses, which is to say I wish it were darker. It's fine and I am glad I bought it.