Bridgestone Battlax BT-003 Racing Street Rear Tire

Battlax BT-003 Racing Street Rear Tire

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Bridgestone Battlax BT-003 Racing Street Front Tire

Flexing MotoGP inspired muscles, the Battlax BT-003 comes to the street with about as much racing influence you can get away with. Its “Ultraction Compound” is ideally suited for track days where hard acceleration and braking are the norm. And though certainly a hard core sport bike tire, Bridgestone has made sure comfort and confidence inspiring handling traits are worked in as well.
  • Street Sport Tire with Ultimate Grip Performance is derived from MotoGP technology
  • Designed for Sporty Riding enjoyment with confident grip on streets and dry-condition circuits
  • Specially street-turned tire developed from our latest racing tire BT-003 which has achieved many victories in production-class races (600cc-1000cc)
  • BT-003RS is the successor to BT-002RS and BT-090 and covers various engine sizes and models (from middle sport class to super sport class)
  • The 3LC (3 Layer Compound) provide regular wear and the optimized pattern design provides longer wear life than ex-models: BT-002RS/BT-090
  • S shaped grooves across center of tread improve contact feeling, braking grip (for Front Tire) and traction grip (for Rear Tire)
  • Reducing Negative Ratio in shoulder part of tread improves turning ability
  • Longer Shoulder grooves than BT-003 Racing enhance WET grip and shock absorption on public roads
  • Optimized angle and shape of grooves contribute to noise reduction and improved mileage
3LC + Ultraction Compound provides the necessary performance on street, with delightful handling and enhanced grip. The breaking and cornering capability on dry circuits has been improved dramatically.

  • Center Compound consists of high grip compound which balances mileage and grip
  • Shoulder Compound consists of "Ultraction Compound" which exerts stronger grip power in braking and cornering
  • New Tread Pattern based on BT-003 Racing is tuned for increased WET grip and shock absorption on streets
  • MS-BELT provides light handling, absorbs sudden input from bumps and enhances stability and good line-holding in corners

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