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2009 Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer Parts

2009 Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer
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Dragsters Exhaust System
$349.99 - $512.95
You save up to $57.00 (10%)
  • Chrome
Cobra Dragsters Exhaust System The new Cobra Dragster Exhaust is the perfect update to traditional drag pipes. Retaining the clean, pure drag pipe appearance that has made drag pipes so popular ove...
Quiet Core Baffle
$31.45 - $35.95
You save up to $4.00 (10%)
  • Silver
Cobra Quiet Core Baffle Quiet baffles are one option for improving the sound of your motorcycle exhaust. By eliminating high-pitch noise, Cobra Quiet Baffles produce a deep, throaty rumble. Cobra Q...
Universal Heat Shield
You save $2.00 (10%)
  • Chrome
Cobra Universal Heat Shield High quality heat shields look great and keep you cool Heat shields available in three sizes to fit most pipes Shields are triple chrome plated and highly polished for ...
Replacement Baffle
$31.45 - $34.95
You save up to $3.50 (10%)
  • Silver
Cobra Replacement Baffle Reduces sound by 3-5 dbs depending on exhaust and bike Perforated steel construction Sold individually Made in the U.S.A. **Note 15" for Cobra Streetrod, Short Spee...
Speedster Shorts/Slash Down Baffle
You save $3.50 (10%)
  • Silver
Cobra Speedster Shorts/Slash Down Baffle Replacement/optional baffle for the Speedster Shorts and Speedster Slash-Down Exhausts Systems This is a replacement baffle, Quiet core baffle sold se...
Speedster Slashdown Exhaust System
$575.95 - $709.95
You save up to $64.00 (10%)
  • Chrome
Cobra Speedster Slashdown Exhaust SystemWhen you want more power, deeper sound and stylish looks, Cobra is the choice to make. This Exhaust System gives you the performance you want while retaining...
Touring Slip On Mufflers
$242.95 - $599.95
You save up to $27.00 (10%)
  • Chrome
Cobra Touring Slip On Mufflers The Cobra Slip-On Touring Muffler features a deeper, more mellow sound than stock Slip-on design utilizes the stock headpipes Dual chrome muffler style - one ...

Latest Reviews

Richard (Yorkton )

Cost Benefit

Speedster Long on Yamaha Roadliner

Went from stock pipes, to hard krome 3" big straights to now the cobra speedster longs. Have to say the hard kromes were loud but too high pitched. I took the baffles out immediately on these cobras as I knew what sound I was getting. With the baffles removed they are still no where near as loud as the HK 3's but has a way deeper, throatier sound that I enjoy much more. I did not like having to install the heat shields with hose clamps as I've never had a system like that before and it just seems odd to me. I did also notice a power loss over the HK3's and that is more than likely due to removing the baffles. Either way I am happier with the sound regardless. Install was a few hours only because I installed the heat shields to the head pipes first when the head pipes go on first and then the shields are slipped over after(again, I,ve always bought welded systems and it did confuse me).

CJ (Kailua )

Cost Benefit

Nice Upgrade for VStar 650

OVERALL: A great buy for the cost. Can be installed in an hour and you will be immediately satisfied with the new sound. -These pipes provide a much better sound than stock exhaust without being offensively loud. -EASY to install. -Looks great (small dent, but overall, not a big impact). -Shipped a couple days later than original date.

camilo (daytona beach )



I was really impressed with this exhaust system. The sound is great, not too loud still able to hear my stereo. Fast delivery and very good customer service, and the price wow!! Thumbs up motorcycle superstore

Troy (Deerfield )

Cost Benefit

Sounds like/better than a Harley

The bike sounds how it looks! I will say to be warned that this is quite loud so just be prepared. I was really concerned with how loud it would be before I bought this kit as I was looking at as many exhaust kits I could find. There really is no way to tell how loud it really will be from reading reviews and watching videos. Some people have mentioned that they get headaches with ridding over an hour with these on, I have yet to experience this. Also I have a seyna headset and people only say they can hear it if I accelerate hard on the bike. That said it's not like it's earth shattering, blowing out your ear drums. I would say if you were to judge from it's looks, you wouldn't think it was as loud as it is. Also there's not much else you can really do besides wrap the baffles (read that it doesn't do much) or buy inserts to damper the sound (this appears to change how the exhaust sounds significantly). The exhaust looks amazing and I get compliments all the time. Also I get compliments that it sounds really nice so I think for the most part I'm just paranoid with assuming and worrying people will generally be angry with me. On that note though, only one person I know has told me it's loud. After about a month with it on though I've learn to ride it quite as to keep it in certain RPMs and push the bike away if I need to so that I wake any kids up in the neighborhood. The main reason I got this was to be heard while passing people on the highway (which yes worked), to have a little better acceleration (worked), to look better than stock exhaust (deff worked), and for drivers to just generally be aware of my presence in hopes so that they just don't decide to do last min behavior movements that can potentially harm me. I would highly recommend it as it looks so unique, people mistake my bike as a Harley, and it really does sound good. If sound level is a concern you can make some changes to your ridding style.

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