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VP Racing Square Jerry Can
VP Racing Square Race Gas Can This Square Race Gas Can is made of virgin high-density polyethylene The VP Racing Square Race Gas Can is one of the most durable race gas cans on the market VP Racin...
Tuff Jug Quick Fill Utility Jug
Tuff Jug
Quick Fill Utility Jug
$29.99 - $44.99
You save up to $4.96 (10%)
  • Red
  • White
Tuff Jug Utility Jug with Red Ripper CapPours 5 gallons in thirty eight seconds Fluids stop flowing after reaching the end of the spout automatically Just pull up and the valve shuts off fluid flow...
Scribner Plastics Spacesaver Utility Jugs
Scribner Plastics
Spacesaver Utility Jugs
You save $4.00 (10%)
  • Black
  • Orange
  • White
Scribner Plastics Spacesaver Utility Jugs Square design eliminates unusable space around the containers Fits flush against flat surfaces and will not roll if accidentally overturned Squ...
Matrix Concepts M3 Utility Can
Matrix Concepts
M3 Utility Can
You save $5.96 (10%)
  • Black
  • Green
  • White
  • Yellow
Matrix Concepts M3 Utility CanAll new shape, 4.0 gallon Can with 2 handle design. Easy pour spout that can be personalized with name and number. Comes complete with 5" long extender hose spout wit...
BikeMaster 5 Gallon Utility Jug
5 Gallon Utility Jug
You save $2.96 (8%)
  • Natural
BikeMaster 5 Gallon Utility JugCapture and use all the fluids you'll ever need with this 5-Gallon Utility Jug.  Squared-off design for a flush fit against flat surfaces so there is less chance for ...
Tuff Jug Utility Jug
Tuff Jug
Utility Jug
$22.99 - $26.99
You save up to $3.00 (10%)
  • Forest Green
  • Kawasaki/Green
  • Orange
  • White
Tuff Jug Utility Jug Comes in a variety of colors No vent to open and close or to leak when pouring Stops over filling and prevents spilling Comes with standard cap 14" vented spout sold separatel...

Latest Reviews

Jon (NATCHITOCHESNatchitoches )


For Me Perfect

I have the 5 gallon and the 2.5 gallon. Although the tops are a bit difficult to remove they have never leaked or come loose. I mix 2T oil and gas in the 2.5 gal. They are both perfect because the filler stops filling right at the top of my fuel tank. I have never had a overfull spill using either size can.

Rich (El Paso )


Good stuff

I needed a mount for my rotopax Quick and the others were out of stock. I went with this one and have no regrets. I'm glad I got this. Works perfectly. Lock is sturdy. And I am much more at peace leaving my bike parked with my Rotopax unattended. For peace of mind it's worth The extra amount .



good, not perfect

Does not fill in the advertised 38 seconds. more like a minute, when racing this is a pretty big deal. Or at least if feels like it. Automatically stops when the tank is full (almost all of the time) Super easy to use, no spill at all, absolutely worth the money, even with the minor grievances.

Jack Stebbins (Clarksville )


Fuel Can

We LOVE this can. Made with very heavy plastic, has extremely nice parts, hose, fittings and vent. I purchased THREE of these... This is the ONLY can I will own from now on as long as they are still making them.. NO leaks, nice vent, Quality hose with hose cap and cap snaps on hose for fueling time has a chain on the cap so you won't loose it.. I just can't say enough about this well designed high quality product.

Jim Baney (Mill Hall )

Cost Benefit

LC fuel container review

I purchased this jug to be able to fill my garden tractor and 4-wheeler more quickly. The container worked great for the first four weeks but then the leaks started. The plastic nozzle required some teflon tape. That was no big deal but the cap o-ring was leaking as well. When I inspected the O-ring it had stretched and was not seating properly. Then the o-ring was falling out of the cap. These are the biggest problems with this container. I continue to use it because I purchased some flat paper type gasket material from my local auto parts store and I fabbed my own gasket and it works great.