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E4S Paddock Stand
E4S Paddock Stand The ultimate bike stand for the track or the garage.  This Paddock stand safely lifts both the front and rear wheels off the ground at the same time to allow complete disassembly ...

Latest Reviews

Thomas (King George )

Cost Benefit

Awesome stand!!!

If anyone is on the fence about getting one just bite the bullet! I know it's a little steep on price especially after you have to get the bike specific adapters as well. You won't regret it! It was a little tedious to get it set up perfectly for the bike but well worth it when all said and done. Love how I can roll my bike and tuck it in the back corner of my garage without making a 10 point maneuver. No more worrying about the bike being in the way when your getting your new rubber or fork seals done. Overall seems built fairly well. Sturdy enough I think it will last quite a while. Best stand I've ever had and won't ever buy another