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Keiti Dirt Bike Bodywork

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Keiti Reflective Wheel Tape
Reflective Wheel Tape
You save $1.00 (6%)
Keiti Reflective Wheel Tape Contents include 1 wheel tape with applicator Adds style and functionality  to your O.E.M. or aftermarket sport bike wheels for a fraction of the cost for a new paint ...
Keiti Full Plastics Bolt Kit
Full Plastics Bolt Kit
$9.99 - $16.99
You save up to $7.00 (39%)
Keiti Full Plastics Bolt Kit Replace lost, damaged, or mis-matched fasteners on your bike Each kit comes complete with bolts and other fasteners needed to properly and securely attach your bike's b...

Latest Reviews

Bill (Missouri City )


Would have looked great had the installation gone well

I wasn't able to install correctly as I didn't get that the excess tape was taken up by the back roller. By the time I figured that out, I didn't have enough to finish. The little bit that I got on looked great. You just need to be patient.