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1999 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Drifter Memphis Shades Cruiser Motorcycle Windshields/Fairings

1999 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Drifter
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Demon Windshield from Memphis Shades Handlebar mount windshield Measures 21" W x 18" H above headlight Fits most round headlights Made of Lucite for excellent optics and durability Avai...
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Hell Cat Windshield from Memphis Shades Handlebar mount windshield Sculpted full-body shape Measures 20" W x approximately 18" H above headlight Fits most round headlights Made of Lucit...
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The Shooter Windshield from Memphis Shades Handlebar mount windshield Looks great on today's wide-body motorcycles Measures 19" W x approximately 14" H above headlight Fits most round headlights M...

Latest Reviews

Christopher (Columbus )


Easy to install

Easy to install. Well constructed. And while it looks great, it simply guides the air from my chin to my forehead. A little more of a lip at the top and a few inches of Plexiglas on the sides and the air would be over my head and off my hands. Will have to buy the Booster Wing to actually use this windscreen as intended. Funny part is that the handlebar bag threw more wind off me than this screen does. Go figure! Keeping it because it looks great and with the B'Wing should be usable.

Andy (Windsor )

Cost Benefit

Great Windshield

This windshield fit perfectly onto my 2006 Honda Shadow 1100. The gradient black is a nice transition from my black frame and it does a great job of keeping the wind off my chest/head while also cutting down on the amount of insects pelting me in the face. I only wish I would have bought this sooner, as it is a very nice touch to my ride aesthetically and functionally. Hats off to you, Memphis Shades!

Mike (Green Valley )


Absolute KUDOs to MSS

This order was the original purchase of the Memphis Fats windshield. I received it quickly, installed it, and quickly knew something was not right, but didn't know what. After a week and a half it occurred to me. I had ordered a Solar shield. This shield had extremely little Solar to it, and the shield itself had a haze to it, not clear like a shield I had ordered for another bike. Called MSS, and no surprise they took care of it quickly, gave me a discount for my trouble and overnight-ed it to me. They new one- absolutely perfect. A shield is shield and sometimes manufacturing processes go awry, but how a company treats it's customer when these things take place is what it MOST IMPORTANT. Motorcycle Superstore........you're AWESOME!

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