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2004 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom - XL1200C Memphis Shades Cruiser Motorcycle Windshields/Fairings

2004 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom - XL1200C
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Memphis Shades Gauntlet Fairing Gauntlet Fairing is a unitized quarter fairing with a matte black finish inside Class A gloss black finish outside Smoked windscreen ABS headlight bezel "Factory" f...
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Memphis Shades Lowers Hardware Mounts Memphis Shades Lowers to most motorcycles Each kit contains two fork clamp/mounting assemblies and all necessary hardware to mount Lowers plastic Kits ...
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Del Rio Sportshield from Memphis Shades The Del Rio Sportshield from Memphis Shades offers good torso protection in a sleek windshield design For use on Harley-Davidson® motorcycles M...
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Big Shot Sportshield from Memphis Shades The Big Shot is the biggest Sportshield available from Memphis Shades For use on Metric cruisers Sleek styling with maximum coverage Measures 21...
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Del Rey Sportshield from Memphis Shades The Del Rey Sportshield from Memphis Shades is a small, sleek design that offers good protection in a minimalist package For use on Harley-Davidson&r...

Latest Reviews

Rod (Columbus )


Great Fairing Even For a HD Sportster!

I didn't think this thing was worth the price when I got it all assembled. I put it on the bike and it looked like a great big accessory, that was until I got it painted. I got my batwing fairing painted to match my HD 2004 sportster 1200C for $145. It matches the bike and looks good now. It only takes 15 seconds to snap this big fairing off my Sportster and be back to my around town setup, 15 secs later I can snap this back on for a long road trip or cold weather. Its great! I do not recommend the Memphis Shades 5" spoiler windshield. It buffets the wind and you feel like your head is in a paint shaker. Bike = 2004 HD Sportster 1200C

Rod (Columbus )


Very Shiny with Very Sharp Edges

Makes the whole batwing fairing and windshield come together but this thing has some sharp edges. The edges could cut your hands if you're not careful. Also don't let this trim piece spin when your installing it, I did and it scratched my windshield.

Zero (Yukon )

Cost Benefit

Too small

The windshield, itself, is fine. It is high quality and easy to install. I purchased it hoping it would provide the wind protection I need and, save me the money of purchasing another windshield that required mounting hardware costing over a $100. Well, I have ordered a larger windshield and am out the money I was trying to save on mounting hardware. The good news is that this windshield is a nice piece of equipment that I can resell to recoup some of my expense.

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