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1985 Suzuki GV1200 Madura Parts

1985 Suzuki GV1200 Madura
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Kuryakyn The Sound of Chrome Speakers
The Sound of Chrome Speakers
You save $40.00 (10%)
  • Chrome
  • Gloss Black
Kuryakyn The Sound of Chrome¬ô Speakers Perfectly designed 3 in. main speakers and additional tweeters for full bodied sound Weatherproof bullet housing has a built-in powerful 50 watt amplifier; i...

Latest Reviews

Tom (Aurora )


Motor cycle stereo

Only lasted two weeks amp burnt out while it worked it sounded ok for the price can't expect concert hall sound out of low end stereo but did think it would work longer than two weeks

David (Ada )


Not as good as they say.

I bought this product after a couple of failures from the ones everybody says "get this one from _____" It's just slightly higher priced then those others. And it's only a little better. You pick up local stations fairly well. But my stock radio has distant station option that used to be great. With this antenna that option is gone. I guess the best option is to install the OEM antenna relocation kit. But for those in a pinch, this one works. I'm not disappointed. Just not really impressed.

B Brock (Dallas )


2014 FLHXS

REV 200-RM Hogtunes AMP After buying a 2014 HD Street Gide Special, I thought it would be nice to upgrade the stereo and add an amp and speakers to the bike, maybe give it a little more volume while on the road. I've owned 4 different street glides over the past 6 years and I've changed things up on each bike. By no means am I an expert on motorcycle stereo equipment, I do know what sounds good and fits my needs. After looking around for what's available and affordable, I went with the Hogtunes REV 200-RM amp for a few reasons. 1st, price, 2nd, availability, 3rd, Hawg Wired has not produced an amp for 2014 and up HD bikes. I had a 2012 HD Street Glide with a Hogtunes amp and speakers a few years ago and the sound and volume was a joke, so I changed the cheap Hogtunes speakers out to a pair of Infinity 6.5 Kappa speaker and gained some improvement. I did get a chance to look at the new GEN 3 Hogtunes, allegedly, 6.5" speaker and I was not impressed. I measured the diameter of the speaker and it was nothing more than a 5.4 speaker set in a 6.5 cheap metal housing. Needless to say, I was not impressed with the Hogtunes GEN-3 speakers. Therefore, I went with a 2 ohms speaker that I am familiar with and has a proven track history, (Infinity Kappa 6.5). As stated by Hogtunes, this was an easy install. It took me longer to remove the batwing than to install the amp. The speaker install was a major pain however. Once reassembled, and adjusted as recommended by Hogtunes, I took the bike for a test ride to evaluate the new sound system. Although there is an overall increase in volume, the Hogtunes amp distorts at half volume. Hogtunes has decided not to add any gain adjustments to their amp thus your stuck with the way it comes from the factory and no ability to fine tune the amp. What a bummer and disappointment. The last system I install was on a 2011 Street Glide I bought last year with the intention of flipping it for a profit. I installed a Hawg Wired CS 300 4 ohms amp with a set of Alpine SPR-60 6.5" speakers. Talk about a WOW factor for the money. The Hawg Wired amp had external adjustments and I was able to fine the amp to fit my riding needs. Too bad Hawg Wired hasn't stepped up and made a product for the 2014 and up Harley bikes, otherwise I would have gone with them. Overall, the Hogtunes REV 200-RM is not too bad an amp. It does what it says, slight increase in volume with little impact on your charging system. Considering what other companies are charging for their plug and play systems for this year model and up, it's really not bad. J&M Rokker and ARC Audio 2 channel amps start at $439.99. Boom Audio starts at, well lets just say it's too much for their product. I've heard an upgraded Boom system and for the price, I was not impressed. On my 1 - 10 scale Price - 6 volume - 3 installation - 8 sound quality - 2 Still not a bad overall amp. Decide what you want before you invest in an upgrade. What do you want, volume, clarity and sound quality, easy installation, additional upgrade capability. This should be what you ask yourself prior to this kind of investment. Ride safe. God Speed and Fair Winds. Brock