2010 Harley-Davidson Softail Convertible - FLSTSE CVO Windshields/Fairings

    2010 Harley-Davidson Softail Convertible - FLSTSE CVO
    Tire Size:
    Front: 130/70R-18 63V, Rear: 200/50R-18 81H
    Oil Filter:
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    EZ Windshield
    $259.95 - $269.95
    $233.99 - $242.99
    You save up to $26.96 (10%)
    Show Chrome EZ Windshield Windshields fit most 1" handlebars and have a 1" built-in height adjustment. The angle of the windshield can be set by simply rotating the hardware around the handlebars. The

    Latest Reviews

    Pat (WasillaAlaska, AK)



    Went in well, but not the easiest. Perfect for my KZ650. Makes road driving much more fun. Shipping to Alaska much appreciated.

    Steven (Victor, NY)


    Good quality, just not a good fit for my bike.

    I ended up returning this product after one short ride. The windscreen itself is good quality and installation was easy. It just wasn't a good fit for my bike- 2013 Triumph Thunderbird Storm. The return process for the part was simple and straight forward. No complaints there.

    jg (Stanton, ND)

    Cost Benefit

    Memphis shades lowers and hardware for 2003 Honda VTX 1800

    Worth the price, cut down the wind coming up the tank and hitting me in the chest and up the helmet face piece. The setup is also nice as you can adjust it higher or lower depending on which way you mount the hardware. If you have highway bars installed you have to adjust them at a slight angle so they don't hit at full turn of the handlebars. Can't really rate the durability as I have only had them on for about 400 miles.

    Ian (Calgary, AB)


    Bullet Fairing Review - 2011 Yamaha Stryker

    Awesome product. Just need patience during the install to get it set the way you want. I would maybe recommend that the lop on the inside of the headlight hole be made of a rubber or made a touch smaller as I found some frustrations during the install with getting it set up right only to find upon a reinstall attempt that it wouldn't clear the top of the headlight. A bit of figuring out but all in all a great product that gets tons of compliments and really does make a difference on the road.

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