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Featured Street Bike Accessories

M-6 Rear Stand
You save $20.00 (25%)
MotoStance M-6 Rear StandThe MotoStance M-6 Rear Motorcycle Stand is a high quality heavy duty motorcycle rear paddock stand which is constructed of thick heavy duty rolled steel with extra steel plug...
Mototrek Backpack
You save $27.00 (30%)
MotoCentric Mototrek Backpack The MotoCentric Mototrek Backpack is a functional, sleek backpack that would appeal to pretty much any type of rider. A neoprene pocket positioned on the top center give...
GoPro HD Hero3 Plus Black Edition Smaller, lighter, mightier still. Capture and share your life's most meaningful experiences with the HERO3+ Black Edition. 20% smaller and lighter than its best-selli...
Battery Tender
Junior Charger
$39.95 - $43.95
You save $13.96 (32%)
Battery Tender Junior Charger The Battery Tender Junior is much more than a trickle charger. It has a brain. It's lightweight, compact, and fully automatic; very easy to use, especially in small spac...
Alarm Lock with Pager
You save $29.96 (20%)
Bully Alarm Lock with Pager This is the one you have waited for NO expensive installation costs NO complicated wiring added to your bike NO cutting into your bike's wiring harness NO drain on your ba...
Mototrek Sport Tail Bag
You save $30.00 (27%)
MotoCentric Mototrek Sport Tail BagThe MotoCentric Mototrek Sport Tail Bag is a stylish, accomplished tail bag that is easy to mount and carry. It has two outside side pockets which can be expanded an...
Mototrek Motorcycle Cover
$54.99 - $59.99
$44.99 - $49.99
You save up to $10.00 (17%)
MotoCentric Mototrek Motorcycle Cover The MotoCentric Mototrek Motorcycle Cover is fully vented throughout allowing continuous air-circulation which helps minimize condensation buildup and also utiliz...

Street Bike Accessories Department

Street bike accessories are the things that make life on the motorcycle that much more enjoyable. Whether it’s accessories like two way communicators, bolt-on luggage and GPS units that can be used while riding or stands, battery chargers and cleaning supplies for the garage, it’s the little details that can add up. Find what you need for the bike or garage here at Motorcycle Superstore where we our stocked with brands like Cardo, Nelson-Rigg, Garmin, Givi, GoPro and Pit Bull. From motorcycle storage covers to chain locks to oil, ensure the experience of owning a motorcycle is a long and enjoyable one for both you and your street bike.

Latest Reviews

Jayrock (Gatineau, 0)


Mototrex 19 tank bag

Very satisfied with this tank bag. Good quality material and the magnet is of good strength to ensure it doesn't fly off. Perfect for me while shopping and stuff. Pockets are useful for most part.

Tony (glencoe, MN)


Great Tank bag

Fit well on my K1200RS and I can see all my gauges. A little smaller than I expected but there are bigger ones. Lots of nice extras.

Bob (Springfield, IL)


Working out to be pretty good

Bought the bag earlier this year for my 1200 S Tour Multistrada. The fit on the bike is perfect. The size lets me take short trips without saddlebags. This is a very easy bag to install and remove and the clip on design holds it in place with no shifting or wobbling. In light rain only the removable side and rear compartments allowed water to get in. I've been through 3 hard rains with the extra rain cover on and no water entered the bag. At first I didn't care for the interior rain protector (you have to move it a bit to find things) but after 4500 miles with everything else perfect I don't mind dealing with that. This bag is well worth the price.

owen (new orleans, LA)



The material for this cover is great, unfortunately, the quality of the construction really sucks. The loose threads on the seams was the first warning then I discovered that the material to seal the seams was loose and coming off in many places allowing water to pass through and pool up on the inside of the cover. Too bad the quality control was non-existant.

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