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1997 Harley-Davidson Softail Custom - FXSTC Charging Systems

1997 Harley-Davidson Softail Custom - FXSTC
Tire Size:
Front: MH90-21, Rear: MT90-16
Spark Plug:
Stock Chain/Belt:
Stock Gearing:
Front: 32T, Rear: 65T
Oil Filter:
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Charging System
$249.95 - $260.95
  • Black
  • Chrome
Spyke Charging System Features a forged steel rotor with a thicker spline for maximum engagement on even the biggest of motors Magnets are encapsulated in a protective barrier to resist vibration-...
Accel 32 AMP Charging System Heavy-duty rotors with magnets that are enclosed in stainless steel A super thick hub and splines eliminate cracks Precision wound stator Includes a regula...
Cycle Electric Inc. Alternator Kit Kits include stator, rotor, voltage regulator and mounting hardware Available with a black Cycle Electric rectifying regulator A special low voltage kit is ava...
Compu-Fire 32A Charging System Kit includes stator, rotor and a black series-type regulator Series-type regulator reduces load on stator and decreases engine drag Made in the U.S.A  **Notes: ...
Drag Specialties Alternator Rotor Feature encapsulated magnets in a reinforced steel shell Heavy-duty rotor features a .476" reinforced center thickness OEM rotors have a .222" center thick...

Latest Reviews

David C (Spokane )


Wolo Horns are louder than the OEM on my 2008 GoldWing (with airbag)

Old horns sounded good but were muffled. The Wolo Horns are noticeably louder and crisp sounding. The installation took about an hour. The instructions are a lot more complicated than actually just logically and methodically installing the horns. The key is the routing of the wires and anchoring them securely to the motorcycle's frame. Basically, a plug-and-play.

James (Nashville )


Great Spark Plugs!

I have a 2007 XL1200R. I replaced the stock 6R12 Harley Davidson plugs with NGK iridium at 4,747 miles. Wow!! What a difference!The bike used to turn over a few times when starting. Now I just touch the stater and it fires. Smoother idle and smoother at 2,000 to 4,000 rpm

William (Sandy Hook )

Cost Benefit


As always, Motorcycle Superstore delivers quality products at competetive pricing with excellent customer Service. Product fit, easy installation and excellent performance for my GSX-R1000 5 stars

Don W (Cincinnati )


Caught fire 1 month outside of warranty

Installed ok, good voltage, everything seemed fine for about a year. GSXR died one day, took it apart to find out why, and the connector from the stator to the brand new Rick's Motorsports regulator/reticfier had caught fire and disconnected. Emailed Ricks, and they told me the warranty was one year (I purchased 7/14/14, caught fire 9/3/15) and I'd be at the mercy of the retailer thru which I bought it (this site)for a warranty claim. They then recommended I buy a $20 "heavy duty" connection kit to replace the fried connectors. I don't think I'll be giving Rick's any more of my money. Recommend avoiding this product.

Jerry (Salem )


Not as pictured

I bought this stator for my Harley Davidson over OEM because the description stated that the windings were coated to reduce the risk of grounding out. They were coated with a light coat of urethane but not like the picture showed with heavy rubber material or something. I would have went back to OEM for just a little more if I would have known that it was not as pictured. The old stator that was removed had a heavier coating on the windings than this new stator. I am sure this will be a quality stator because of the brand but was let down when it wasn't like the picture.

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