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AGV Sport Scooter Pants for Women

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AGV Sport Women's Aura Jeans
AGV Sport
Women's Aura Jeans
  • Dark Blue
AGV Sport Women's Aura Jeans Comfortable and perfect for everyday riding, but offer the benefit of abrasion resistant protection in the critical areas riders need protection Made with the highest ...

Latest Reviews

Jenn (Denver )

Cost Benefit

Huge but long lasting

So, they are big. I bought a 10/short in 2015 and they have lasted me from regular jean sizes 10-16. I've put on some weight and now in normal size 16 jeans but I can still wear my size 10 riding jeans, they are a little snug so i'm gonna buy a pair of these in 12/short but still wearable. So if you wear 12/14 I'd advise getting a 10. 16/18 probably would fit size 12 of these well. I was 10/12 when I bought these.. they fit best when I was 12/14 normal jean sizes. They are warm in the summer but keep me from having to wear chaps in 50 degree weather. i have fairly large legs(thigh) and it makes buying jeans pretty rough but theses are really comfy.