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Burly Cruiser Motorcycle Cables/Lines

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Burly Black Vinyl Cable/Brake Line Kit
Black Vinyl Cable/Brake Line Kit
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Burly Black Vinyl Cable/Brake Line Kit Complete installation kits For 12", 14" and 16" Burly narrow bottom apehangers Made in the U.S.A. Kit Includes: A black braided steel brake line, Extende...

Latest Reviews

LukeTalley (Carlsbad )


Not good

From my experience with this kit it would be better to buy everything individually. The wiring was wrong which wasn't a big deal, we were able to make it work. When we went to thread the clutch cable into the primary the threads snapped before we ever got it tight so I had to buy a completely different clutch cable. After all that I went to install the new brake lines, and the new line was about 6 inches too short. Its a good price but you are definetly getting what you pay for. I wouldn't recommend this kit to anybody.