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Bronco UTV Suspension/Lift

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Bronco Gas Shocks
Gas Shocks
$78.99 - $120.99
You save up to $10.96 (10%)
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Bronco Gas Shocks While they are stiffer than stock springs, the real benefit of the Bronco Gas Shocks are the improved ride quality for your ATV and UTV. Not only firmer, these provide a smoother ...

Latest Reviews

Larry Edmoundson (Pasadena )


Wrong Springs

Strut cartridges worked, but springs were way too weak. The first time I pushed down on front of UTV the suspension never came back up. Shocks were able to bottom out and springs unable to overcome the new strut cartridges. I had to put back on the Polaris factory front springs to make it work. Coil on springs much smaller in diameter than the Polaris factory spring, thus too light for this application.