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Heated Motorcycle Grips and Accessories

Moose RacingHeated Grips
(1 Reviews)
Moose Heated Grips 20 watts of heating power Increased rider comfort with even and consistent heat distribution from unique flex circuit technology Fits all 7/8" handlebars with no adhe...
Moose RacingComplete Winter Pack
(1 Reviews)
Moose Racing Complete Winter Pack Heaters wrap around your handle bars and stay on with adhesive that is already on the heater. Simply pull off protective cover, wrap around handle bar, and p...
Moose RacingComplete Winter Pack Plus
(3 Reviews)
Moose Racing Complete Winter Pack Plus Grips to be installed with WD-40 (sold separately). Apply WD-40 to the inside of the grip and a chemical reaction occurs with a special coating applied ...
Moose RacingReplacement Controller
$69.95 - $94.95
(1 Reviews)
Moose Racing Replacement Controller Replacement controller for Moose Winter packs Kit A is for Complete Winter Pack Plus, Complete Winter Pack Basic and Complete Winter Pack Kit B is for ...
Moose RacingNo Adhesive Heated Grips
(0 Reviews)
Moose Racing No Adhesive Heated Grips Fits all 7/8" handlebars No adhesive required; pushes on and stays on Increased rider comfort with even and consistant heat distribution from unique ...


FirstgearSingle Mounted Heated Grip Heat-Troller
$53.99 MSRP $59.95
(4 Reviews)
Firstgear Single Mounted Heated Grip Heat-TrollerDesigned to variably control heated grips or thumb-warmer or heated seats To be mounted to a 12-volt DC vehicle Requires drilling of holes for switch a...


Show ChromeHeated Grips
$71.99 MSRP $79.95
(1 Reviews)
Show Chrome Heated Grips Four switch positions; hi, low, med and off GL1800 grips are open ended; GL1500 grips are close ended All grips measure 1"Dia x 5-3/4"L and 7/8"Dia x 5-3/4"L Sold in pair...
Cycle CountryHeated Grips
(7 Reviews)
Cycle Country Heated Grips Comfortable rubber grips are 5" long with a 7/8" inside diameter and 24" leads Fits nearly all ATV models Installs quickly and easily to your 12 volt battery ...


Western Power SportsHeated Grip
$39.99 MSRP $43.95
(19 Reviews)
Western Power Sports Heated Grip Warms up to steady heat when engine is running Quality rubber is resistant to low temperatures and resists cracking Easy to use sealed controls R...

What Makes Heated Motorcycle Grips So Great?

We've all been there before; the weather takes a turn for the worst and before you know it, your hands are numb and seemingly frozen. While this might be regarded as a rite of passage for some, most riders would like to never experience this at all. Heated motorcycle grips and hand warmers can take the frosty sting out of winter riding and may add a couple valuable months to your riding season.

Motorcycle Superstore has full heated grip kits that are easy to install on any type of motorcycle. Feeding off of the power from your battery, heat is just a switch away and always within reach. Here you'll find a variety heated grips and heated grip kits from brands like Moose Racing and Firstgear.

If you have any questions about which grip is right for you, live chat one of our experts to get back out on the roads. So if you want to spend a few more weeks out of the year out on the road, heated motorcycle grips are a great first step toward total comfort and control.

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