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1997 Buell S2T Thunderbolt Spider Grips Hand Controls

1997 Buell S2T Thunderbolt
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Spider Grips SLR Grips Spider Grips use a dual layer manufacturing technique to offer superior comfort and durability over single layer grips. The inner layer includes the flange and the end cap...

Latest Reviews

Mattel (Ridervile )


Outstanding product for serious riders

I cannot believe the other reviews on this product! How hard is it to remove and install a set of grips? Use compressed air with a ball inflater and I will zip the old ones off, and the new ones will pop right on. Be sure not to put a hole in these grips because they are thinner than traditional gel grips. But, they are thinner for a reason. If you are a serious rider, you need to feel the feedback coming from your front tire and front end. These grips are not meant to last for years! They wear, so if you are a weekend rider who wants to buy one set of grips that will last for years go elsewhere! If you like flip flopping your bike through the twisties, and want to feel the feedback from your bike these are outstanding grips! I love them! They have outstanding grip, they are soft, and they allow you to have super agile control. Soft grips are like soft tires, you have to replace them, but they allow you to ride in complete control. For $16 are you going to complain about replacing them after several years, really? I ride two Ducatis, and a track bike. Yes, I ride them hard.

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