Emgo Work Stand

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    Product Information

    • Made of heavy duty steel with a silver finish
    • Built rugged to last for years
    • Four Adjustments for a lift heights from 12"-14 1/2"
    • Hydraulic Damper Lowers Bike WIth ease
    • Double-brace stand will completly lift motorcycle
    • Only wieghs 13.5 lb

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      • Mfr. Part # 84-27992

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      Overall Rating: 3.63 of 5

      (2 Reviews)
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      What a disappointment

      I purchased this product for my Honda XR650R because I was tired of lifting the pig onto a home-made stand I have. The finish on the metal is nice, but the black rubber pads are wider than the metal and overhang the edge. When I placed it on the garage floor, it doesn't sit flat on the floor; it wobbles. With the bike lifted, I could spin the bike! That's not the stable footing I would want when trying to tighten a bolt down. It's a bit dangerous. In the down position, I still need to lift the bike a little (unload the rear suspension) to get the stand under it. The next problem is the short lever. It's not as leveraged and therefore more effort is required to lift the bike. Also with the stand under the bike there is very little room between the lever and the bike to get your foot in there well enough to push down. I only had enough room for my toe. The same goes for lowering the bike, there's not enough clearance between the lever and the floor so I had to resort to using my hand to release it. Needless to say, it's going back in the box and being returned. Back to wrestling the bike back on the stand until I find one that I know will work so I don't lose another $6.99 sending the product back.

      Cory - September 23, 2010

      (Oregon City, OR)





      Cool work stand

      This thing works great, I have a XR650L and this stand works like it should. Easy to lift the bike and the shock let's it down slowly. Great tool.

      timeryder - August 16, 2010

      (Roy, UT)
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