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2006 Honda Big Ruckus Drive Belts

2006 Honda Big Ruckus
Tire Size:
Front: 110/90-12, Rear: 130/70-12
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Bando Scooter Drive Belts All belts are certified to be within .020 of OEM required manufactures specs, most replacement belts can have up to ½" variance in length. Longer belts affect the operation o

Latest Reviews

Patrick (Seattle, WA)

Cost Benefit

athena drive belt. why pay more?

This belt is great. i've had kevlar and other more expensive belts shred on me after a couple hundred miles while tuning my zuma with the 70cc bore kit, upgraded clutch, variator and final drive. don't pay more for belts especially if you have a similar setup where you're going to be doing a lot of trial and error before you get your bike totally dialed. Buy 2 and your own electric impact gun ($40 online)and you'll be set to tune your bike for the best performance possible with this belt.

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