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IMS Folding Shift Lever
Folding Shift Lever
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IMS Folding Shift Lever Value priced folding shift lever from IMS More durable than stock shift levers Eliminate that sloppy feeling of stock levers More positive shifting response Made in the U.S...

Latest Reviews

Edwin (Cohocton )


Good lever but...

This is a good lever. It's well made, of good materials, and is well finished. It fit on very easily in place of the stock lever. I had a problem with it on my 2006 KLR650. If I put it in the same place on the splines of the shaft as the original, it hit the frame when I tried to go into first. If I move it up to the next spline, it's a bit too high for my boot. Later, I plan to grind a little bit of it away so it fits at the lower position. Overall, I'd recommend this lever.