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Cycle Sounds Sport Bike Sound System
Cycle Sounds Sport Bike Sound System Speakers for your sport bike that look and sound great Works on any sport bike application with front fairing Flex Disc mounts allow you to mount speake...

Latest Reviews

Steve (Kelowna )


It's OK but not good or great.

It came with bike already installed. After 3 years, the display fogged up and quit working but the unit still worked. Turns out one of the mounting holes in the back was open allowing water to get in. No external antenna so unit has limited range. One preset button did not work when I got it likely just from use. I'm glad I have it but would not replace it with the same.

Connelly (BFD )

Cost Benefit


Put a black kit on my 06 zx6r and boy let me tell ya. This is amazing it’s so loud. I LOVE music and if you do too you should def get this kit. Took a little time to find a speaker location on my wind screen where it wouldn't hit or rub and finding an accessory wire too. But once I got that done tucked all the wiring plugged in my mp3 player and it was time to JAM ON!!!!