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2009 Suzuki Hayabusa Parts

2009 Suzuki Hayabusa
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Dynojet Power Commander V
Power Commander V
$98.99 - $571.99
You save $39.96 (10%)
Dynojet Power Commander VThe Power Commander V is the perfect choice when performing stage one upgrades to your motorcycle. Changing your motorcycle's air cleaner and exhaust systems will require a...
Dynojet Power Commander FC
Power Commander FC
$207.96 - $218.36
You save $41.59 (16%)
Dynojet Power Commander FC The Power Commander FC is a new plug-n-play fuel management device pre-programmed with Make/ Model specific maps. In addition the Power Commander FC has the added ability...
Dynojet Auto Tune for Power Commander V
Auto Tune for Power Commander V
$272.96 - $403.16
You save $76.79 (16%)
Dynojet Auto Tune for Power Commander V "Auto Tune" kits are available that include Wide Band O2 sensors and control boxes. It will plug directly into the PC V and allow automatic fuel adjustments...
Dynojet Power Commander V-EX
Power Commander V-EX
$169.00 - $319.96
You save $79.99 (20%)
  • Black
Dynojet Power Commander V-EX Get all the horsepower and torque out of your bike as possible by having easy-to-read, precise data on numerous performance variable. The Power Commander 5 allows you...
Bazzaz Performance Z-FI Fuel Management System
Bazzaz Performance
Z-FI Fuel Management System
$243.99 - $314.99
You save $34.96 (10%)
  • Black
Bazzaz Performance Z-FI Fuel Management SystemComes with application specific harness using OEM connectors for easy plug and play installationPreprogrammed with maps for stock exhaust and slip-on e...
Dynojet Power Commander V-PTI
Power Commander V-PTI
$375.96 - $419.99
You save $93.99 (20%)
Dynojey Power Commander V-PTI Uses the same great features as the Power Commander V but are perfect for turbocharged or supercharged applications looking for precision, control and reliability Mod...

Latest Reviews

Matt (Roaring Spring )


Save the Headache - Spend for the PC5

I have this on my 2014 Yamaha Raider. Thought I would give it a try since it was a "little" cheaper than the PCV. It has the ability to put in multiple maps (up to 10 and if you have your bike tuned right, you should never need 10 different maps) it has the feel of the old power commander III but instead of buttons you have adjustment screws (very touchy and if you don't have it attached to a computer to see the change, you can end up on the wrong setting) and the adjustments are in 10% increases to low mid and high. Save yourself the headache and go with a PC5 which has the ability to add the other accessories and you can use your phone with now.

Austin (Midlothian )

Cost Benefit

It works

I bought a couple for a Ninja 250. For this bike, the kit included the float bowl gasket, float needle, pilot screw, spring, o-ring, washer, and plug for the pilot screw. Component quality and fit is good. I was able to clean and rebuild the carbs to make the bike run.

Eric (Russell )


Its an ok FI unit

I have a 2006 Yamaha warrior stock except some crappy drag pipe exhaust a previous owner put on, and the AIS delete done. This thing fits easily and installs fast, I found the stock settings were so so at best, I had to back off the throttle tip in pot and run the unit at 2-2 and about 1/2 and the bike seems mostly happy I have endlessly adjusted it and my hesitation at WOT is much better but not gone, if I turn it up more it gets worse turn it down to 1 or zero worse 2-2 and 1/2 = best. I wish I had just ponied up and got a USBIII or V Power commander though instead of trying this. I may later on get a PWR Commander and will for sure be getting a V&H pro pipe for it this winter. I don't recommend this just get a Power Commander they are better.

Mel (mokena )


2007 Road King

I wish I never installed this thing! I have Reinhart exhaust. therre are no maps for anything Reinhart! Do not buy if you have Reinhart exhaust. Called V&H and they down loaded the best map they had. It is terrible!! The bike run like crap! Pops and misses and even stalls at stops!! I was told by V&H to not use the auto-tune with my Reinharts!! I will be taking this off my bike!! It installed easy and fit right under my side cover. I knew this was too good to be true!!!