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Power 1 Racing 4T Engine Oil
You save $2.60 (18%)
Castrol Power 1 Racing 4T Engine OilCastrol Power 1 Racing 4T with Trizone Technology is a fully synthetic 4 stroke engine oil for high performance motorcycles and ATVs. Using Race Proven Technolog...
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Brake Fluid Dot 4
$4.39 - $10.99
You save up to $2.50 (18%)
Castrol Brake Fluid Dot 4 Synthetic brake fluid engineered to provide outstanding performance in today's high temperature braking systems Unique Low Moisture Activity (LMA) formulation provides ma...
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ACT-EVO X-TRA 4T Offroad Engine Oil
You save $1.50 (17%)
Castrol ACT-EVO X-TRA 4T Offroad Engine Oil Advanced synthetic blend protection specifically designed for off road and ATV 4 stroke engines TriZone technology - designed and tested to provide su...
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Castrol MTX Synthetic Gear Oil
You save $2.50 (18%)
Castrol Castrol MTX Synthetic Gear Oil Advanced formula desgined to stand up to the tough shearing action of gears Strong flushing action keeps all your components clean and protected Save...
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Lithium Grease
You save $1.20 (18%)
Castrol Lithium Grease A NLGI #2 lithium complex grease Safe to use on all motorcycle grease points Provides maximum protection against heat, rust and corrosion Resists meltdown at high temperatur...

Latest Reviews

JC (swansea )



Forget the notion that the more it costs the better it is... I have used this each oil change for near 10k miles.. and it's worked perfectly... I tried Royal Purple motorcycle oil thinking that it would be an upgrade... 2 days into the job I drained it completely.. Clutch made a loud noise upon putting in gear.. I swapped for the tried and true Castrol and I never chanced it again.. If you want smooth shifts and amazing performance look no further.. Just by this and you will be glad you did.

John K (Woodstock )

Cost Benefit

It works great in British cars

I don't own a motorcycle, but this is the only brake fluid I use in my MGs. It used to be called Castrol LMA brake fluid. It works great in British cars and doesn't attack the rubber parts like other fluids do.

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