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MSR Adventure Touring Jackets for Men

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MSR Xplorer Voyager Jacket
Xplorer Voyager Jacket
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  • Black/Hi-Viz Yellow
Closeout 30% off
MSR Xplorer Voyager Jacket MSR is returning to their roots with the Xplorer line and a big part of this is the new Voyager jacket. Targeting hard core off-road and dual sport riders, the jacket is ...

Latest Reviews

Josh (Marengo )

Cost Benefit

Great jacket for the money

Great jacket for the money.I got this jacket and a few months later I had a deer at roughly 60 miles an hour on my dual sport motorcycle I went flying through the air when I landed I had hit on my shoulder of the jacket and tore a hole in it now I'm sure this is a pretty abrasive impact but I was basically unscathed other than just a minor road rash I had no broken bones and the jacket seem to be waterproof I would give this jacket an A+ rating and MSR is definitely out done I'm selves with this one I'll probably have to buy another one because I had to give it to my insurance company say yes I'm a repeat customer

Damon (Portland )

Cost Benefit

Great Jacket

This is a very well thought out jacket, it's light weight and compact in my backpack, waterproof and wind proof-it kept me dry on a 5 day trip with thunderstorms every day- it also provided a layer of warmth, but it has vents as well for warm weather rain. This is the best rain jacket for riding I have used yet. I love the hood made to wear under your helmet, it keeps rain from going down your back. Did I mention it's compact, great for trail riding.

Duane / decooney (NorCal, California )


MSR's designer NAILED IT!

MSR's designer nailed it on the new 2012 MSR X-Scape jacket and pants. FINALLY! A light weight, flexible, waterproof jacket with SEVEN vents in the jacket alone. After searching for months trying on KLIM Traverse, Fox, and many others, this is the one. A lightweight (non-bulky) jacket WITH D3O armor and if you want, you can still want to wear your chest protector underneath. Quality materials used on elbows areas. Actually exceeded my expectations. Finally, someone gets it. Great job MSR!