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1980 Kawasaki KZ750 Fuel Filters

1980 Kawasaki KZ750
Oil Filter:
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Universal Fuel Filter
$8.46 - $9.31
You save up to $1.64 (14%)
  • Glass
  • Chrome
Emgo Universal Fuel Filter Sizes to fit 1/4” or 5/16” fuel lines Glass fuel filters have glass body with chrome end caps; include hose clamps and spare nylon filter element Me...
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In-Line Fuel Filter
$39.56 - $45.86
You save up to $5.09 (9%)
  • Machined Satin Finish
  • Chrome
Pingel In-Line Fuel Filter The Pingel fuel filter is built to appeal to the true motorcycle enthusiast. This filter offers the same high quality as Pingel's fuel valve line and is designed and mac...
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Russell Anodized Fuel Filters Premium-quality custom Russell fuel filters with alloy cases and replaceable bronze elements Compact size for easy installation; available in two sizes and seve...
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Drag Specialties Clear Mini Fuel Filter Glass filters feature chrome ends Available in two inlet sizes 1/4" or 5/16" i.d., and in mini (1 3/8") and standard (2 3/8") lengths Replacement filter e...

Latest Reviews

Quentin (Fresno )


2016 YZ 450 no toil pre oil

I have about 15 of these now, I'm lazy and don't like cleaning filters, when I get 20 I will clean them all, oil them and store them in ziplock bags, then I have 20 filter changes again with no cleaning involved, never had a problem with them, only use no toil products with these filters or they may come apart .

Tim (Hackettstown )


Buyer beware

As stated by others, the sizing is way off for some models. I got the 48mm pods for my ZRX 1200, based on the sizing recommendation. The ZRX carb diameter is 50mm so I assumed that had already been taken into account by the manufacturer - but clearly not. After a fairly exhausting fight and lots of WD40/ grease and a little blood (the wire mesh is sharp) I got the pods on.

SV (Dedham )

Cost Benefit

Great except for one thing...

The filter fits my sv650 just fine, but the "convenient" nut on the end that lets you remove it with a regular socket just came off the filter when it was time to swap it out for a new one. So i had to use a regular oil filter wrench. Not something you would expect from an "upmarket" product which K&N wants you to believe they are.

John (Commerce Township )


Good for the price

Bought this for a 2008 Yamaha R6S. The product advertised is just for the spongy part of the air filter, but not the entire mount assembly. The filter itself seemed the same quality as the OEM. The hard part about the instillation is removing the old spongy piece because it is riveted between the top and bottom plastic piece. Once I drilled out the rivets instillation was easy, took out the old sponge, oiled the new one as the package said, and stuck it where it should go. The only thing I was worried about was I didn't have a way to hold the filter between the 2 plastic pieces, luckily I looked at the top of the airbox and there are a few pegs that seem to prevent the top piece of plastic from getting bumped around once installed. Overall I haven't had any problems and would buy this filter again vs paying about 60-70$ for an entire assembly when all you need is spongy filter part.

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