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Geigerrig Street Bike Hydration for Men

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Geigerrig Rig 100 In-Line Filter
Rig 100 In-Line Filter
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Geigerrig Rig 100 In-Line Filter Features: In-line portable water filter Rated to filter up to 50 gallons Removes greater than 99.9% of Cryptosporidium and Giardia Activated Coc...

Latest Reviews

Luke (Warrensburg )

Cost Benefit

Impressed...Never Suck Again!

After having several CamelBaks, I am quite pleased with my purchase. I already had a 100oz CamelBak with a bag I like. So picked up this "engine" and though not perfect bag for it, it works. When out riding and already a little tired, it's nice to just have water flow easily. Also used it to flush out a child's eyes. On a side note, a sports wrist sweat band works to hold squeeze bulb in place.