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2005 Honda CRF250X Dual Sport Kits

2005 Honda CRF250X
Tire Size:
Front: 80/100-21, Rear: 100/100-18
Spark Plug:
Stock Chain/Belt:
Stock Gearing:
Front: 14T, Rear: 53T
Oil Filter:
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Baja Designs
Dual Sport Kit
$413.99 - $458.99
You save up to $50.96 (9%)
  • Red
Baja Designs Dual Sport Kit D.O.T. Halogen Hi/Low Glass Lens Headlight L.E.D. Taillight D.O.T. Turn Signals Horn Ni-Cad Battery (9 ozs) - keeps the lights working when the bike is off Rectifier/R...
Baja Designs
Enduro Headlight/Taillight Kit
$202.99 - $229.99
You save up to $24.96 (9%)
  • White
Baja Designs Enduro Headlight/Taillight Kit Now your ride doesn't have to end when the sun goes down! We offer the Baja Designs complete bolt-on, plug-in Enduro Lighting Kits to fit almost any...

Latest Reviews

TomJ (Boulder )


Cool looking and bright, but really flimsy

I liked these when I installed them, they're bright and easy to install, but someone bumping against the bike in the garage snapped off the plastic shaft (really thin where it goes into the rubber washer they're supplied with). The other snapped off in a parking lot, most likely someone bumped it too. The plastic compound is the "oily" stuff that's impossible to glue. Tried a few different types of glue, nothing works. Wish they had put a cursory thought towards engineering this better, but they didn't. Buy at your own risk.

Bonez (cincinnati )



China crap screws kept breaking in Half when you go to unscrew them and screw them back on to change the light bulb when it burns out I got new screws it was okay after that till I flipped my enduro upside down not even that hard and the whole tail light crumbled and now I have a short in the tail light till I decide what else to buy for a tail light if your going to do alot of off road riding this is not the tail light for you its durability is a 0 out of 10

Chris S (Hudson )


A properly priced product

These turn signals do everything a turn signal should do. They turn on when activated and off when deactivated! 100% functional IMO. Obviously they are cheapies. You'll get a little rattle that is easily fixed with your rubbery glue of choice and maybe add some of your own reflective material behind the bulb. Or just break them off and order more since they are $6 a piece!

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