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2008 Kawasaki Z1000 Taillights

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Integrated Taillights
You save $17.24 (15%)
BikeMaster Integrated Taillights The BikeMaster Integrated Taillights are the perfect accessory to give your motorcycle that fresh off the track sleek look. The BikeMaster Integrated Taillights are ma
Custom Dynamics
2.25" Flush Mount LED Lights
You save $3.96 (6%)
Custom Dynamics 2.25" Flush Mount LED Lights These super bright LED clusters can be flush mounted to your cruiser when the bezel is removed and used on outside of fender. The circles can also be mou
Advanced Lighting Integrated Taillights Trick out your bike with the all new Advanced Lighting LED Integrated taillight Turn signals and taillight in one unit Light supplied completely assembled w
High Tech Speed X-Arc Brake Lights Brand new X-Arc lights set a new standard in size and brightness. Only 7/8" round and boasting over 300 lumens of light output per side, the X-Arc's brightn

Latest Reviews

Mark B (Huntington Beach, CA)


Great Safety Product !!!

I recently got back into motorcycling after a 25 year pause. I knew that one issue I've always seen was drivers not noticing the brake lights on motorcycles. It took me about 20 minutes to install on my VStar at the top of my license plate frame. I took it out for a ride and I immediately noticed that cars following me when I came to a red light or stop sign stayed a little further back or braked a little sooner. This was enough to prove to me that this product works and is worth the price.

Cory S (Toledo, OH)



The only part of this kit that is good is the break light cover. The turn signal covers are crap. Finish is bad, fit is real bad. This is my second set of these and they are all bad. Install is stupid. No reason for these to install this way. Big time fail for HotBodies.

Jeffrey (Webb City, MO)


Bought for 1996 Shadow Ace

When I got my bike it had two 1 inch led strips and no OEM blinkers. Looked like crap so I got together everything I needed to move blinkers to tag area. Ran a drill through the wire holes and had rubber casting slag in the holes. All in all worked out well for me with some work.


Cost Benefit

Great product

Great product, installed very easily, tested and I am extremely happy with it. Works as advertised and I will continue to order the stuff I need for my bike from this site. As usual, great products and service.

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