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1991 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7 Windscreens/Windshields

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Zero Gravity SR Series Windscreen All Zero Gravity SR Series Windscreens offer superior optical quality, strength plus flexibility, exceptional fit and finish, plus race-proven performance Shaped l
Windscreen Screw Kit
You save $0.66 (5%)
Keiti Windscreen Screw Kit Each Keiti windscreen screw kit comes with 10 screws, 10 nylon washers and 10 rubber fasteners Made from aluminum Adds beauty to your front fairing
Bolt Motorcycle Hardware Windscreen Fasteners Bolt Motorcycle's windscreen fasteners are designed to minimize shock and firmly hold your windscreen in place. Each kit includes six M5 low profile All
Windscreen Screw Kit
$8.95 - $13.95
$7.99 - $12.99
You save up to $0.96 (7%)
Puig Windscreen Screw Kit These screw kits will set off your street bike windscreen. Add some style and security to your windscreen with these Puig windscreen screw kits 8 piece kit made
Factory Effex
Winscreen Screw Kit
You save $1.96 (20%)
Factory Effex Screw Kit These screw kits will set off your street bike windscreen. Add some style and security to your windscreen with these Factory Effex windscreen screw kits Customize the look
Zero Gravity Racing Nylon Fasteners Speed up windscreen installation and replace difficult rivets Kit includes Phillips screws and self-locking nuts Available in white or black Packs
Hotbodies Racing
Well Nuts
$15.95 - $16.95
$14.99 - $15.99
You save up to $0.96 (6%)
Hotbodies Racing Well Nuts These unique fasteners are inserted into the windscreen or fairing and expand when tightened Black rubber with brass threaded insert fit 3/8" hole Stainless steel 5mm x 20m

Latest Reviews

Robert (Luck, WI)

Cost Benefit

Great improvement over stock

Provides a greatly improved coverage from wind. May only be 2.5 inches taller than stock, but if I sit up, it moves the point of impact of air 6 inches higher to just below my collar bone. The smoke tint looks good and the clarity through the windshield is only slightly more distorted than stock. I would recommend this to anyone looking for more wind protection.

James (Johnson City, NY)


This is my second one

I have this on my 79' KZ650D2 and liked it so much I had to get one for my 2014 Honda CB1100. Only problem is they don't make one for that bike. I pulled the one off the KZ650 and found out that it fits the CB1100 better than the bike it was intended for....lol. Needless to say, I immediately ordered one for the CB1100. NO MODIFICATION NECESSARY!!! Looks great and takes seconds to remove for warm weather riding or put it back on in a minute and lessen fatigue for longer rides. Also takes a hit much better from a June Bug or Bumble Bee than catching it in the face or down the shirt.

Mark (Ottawa, ON)

Cost Benefit


I did 2,500 miles on my Ninja 250 with this screen. Fit perfect, easy install, glad I ordered the extra windshield screws. I'm about 5'9 and the screen kept bugs and gravel off my neck and chest. Definitely reduced buffeting and neck strain big time!

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