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Vance & Hines Street Bike Exhaust

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Vance & Hines SS2-R Replacement Baffle
Vance & Hines SS2-R Replacement Baffle Replacement baffle for SS2-R exhaust Choice of race, medium or loud Race baffle fits pipes purchased in 1996 or earlier Medium and Loud baffles fit pipes...
Vance & Hines CS One Slip-On Exhaust
Vance & Hines
CS One Slip-On Exhaust
$449.99 - $1,199.99
  • Black/Aluminum
  • Brushed Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel/Aluminum
Vance & Hines CS One Slip-On Exhaust Vance & Hines has combined racing knowledge and heritage of the past with a new fresh look, creating the ultimate exhaust system for your machine. Tetragonal s...
Vance & Hines GL Monster Slip-On Exhaust
Vance & Hines GL Monster Slip-On Exhaust The Gold Wing has one of the most loyal rider followings of any motorcycle. To design an OEM quality muffler system to satisfy this loyal following Vance &...
Vance & Hines CS One Header
Vance & Hines CS One Header Over thirty years of manufacturing the best exhaust systems for motorcycles have brought Vance & Hines back to where it all started: the sport bike and here are some o...
Vance & Hines Exhaust System Tune Kit
Vance & Hines Exhaust System Tune Kit An easy, low-cost method to custom tune your exhaust systems Vance & Hines SS2-R, Supersport and Drag Race exhaust systems accept Tune Kits Just remove the ex...

Latest Reviews

Phillip (Townsville) AU Sampson (Townsville )


Vance and Hines CS One Header

These are a decent set of headers. They gave another 3 full hp on the dyno and the note is mesmerising. Weight reduction is like chalk and cheese. They are a lot lighter, which is very noticeable once you start riding. Installation is fairly easy. However, final fit up didn't allow the under fairing to go in. It needs to be cut as the right hand side pipe was not bent to the correct angle. Which leaves the slip on cans look slightly uneven. For this reason I gave 4 stars.

Terry (Boulder Creek )


Did not fit

Item shipped was not for my model of bike. The adapter end (facing the engine) was the wrong size. I had to take my old baffle and have the new one modified with the old baffle parts. Thankfully I know someone that welds SS.


Cost Benefit

1996 CB750 Nighthawk Replacement

Initially I had a hard time finding something to replace the factory 4 into 2 cast aluminum exhaust. Once I found these I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and get them. Turns out it was a great decision! I am by no means a seasoned mechanic but installation was really straightforward and fitment was excellent. Not only does this give my bike a cleaner more minimalistic look with the 4 into 1 now on the throttle side (instead of on both sides as was from factory) but there was also a tremendous amount of weight savings versus the OEM system... Oh and not to mention they sound completely awesome (especially since I've pretty much blown the baffling material out of the megaphone)! I installed them almost 3 years ago now, they're holding up superbly and I have absolutely no regrets over pulling the trigger on these. If you're looking for a quiet exhaust system keep looking, but if you want a little bit of attitude, weight savings and less of a bulky look to your bike I would highly recommend them and would definitely make this purchase again!

Markus (Wake Forest )


Doggone good!!

One of the original dogbones fell off of my new V&H exhaust system. I tried V&H site for replacement with no luck. The Superstore took care of me!!

David (Las Vegas )


Terrible Quality

After I installed the muffler, following the directions to the letter, there was an exhaust leak where the mid pipe meets the header pipe. The barrel clamp caused the outer mid pipe to pinch. The pinch caused the leak. The barrel clamp is a poor design. Too much of the clamp does not contact the pipe, which caused the pinch.