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Vortex Street Bike Foot Controls

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Vortex Adjustable Rearsets
Adjustable Rearsets
$356.99 - $373.99
You save $61.96 (15%)
  • Black
Vortex Adjustable Rearsets A performance piece suitable for track days and racing, the Adjustable Rearsets from Vortex let you tailor the feel with the controls and improve weight bias and cornerin...
Vortex Replacement Footpegs for Rear Sets
Replacement Footpegs for Rear Sets
$19.97 - $20.28
You save up to $3.52 (15%)
  • Black
Vortex Replacement Footpegs for Rear Sets These are replacement brake and shift side pegs for Vortex Rear Sets Sold individually **Note: Please call our Customer Service Department for any questi...
Vortex V2 Adjustable Rearsets
V2 Adjustable Rearsets
$356.11 - $373.96
You save $65.99 (15%)
  • Black
Vortex V2 Adjustable Rearsets Adjustable Rearsets from Vortex gives sport bikes the racing look and feel Improve ground clearance and enhances forward weight bias Design is computer-tested ...

Latest Reviews

Paul (Albuquerque )


Not good

Did not lower the pegs. Not everyone that rides is average height or shorter. Some of us are tall and need adjustable parts to be suited for taller people. Waste of money if you are tall.

William (San Antonio )


good investment

Had issues buying a rear set on Ebay and went rounds with the seller over the trash he sells! Tried to say it was my aftermarket pipes? NOT!!! Dont try and go cheap! Get this set and save yourself the trouble! Awesome set... Thanks Mike for putting my mind to rest with this set! Put these on my 2004 HAYABUSA LIMITED (my wife) lol she takes all my extra cash. Lots of mods to motor and these are a good investment to make my ride feel more dominant and confident on track days thanks again Mike.