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1991 Yamaha YZ125 Graphic Kits

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Factory Effex
Metal Mulisha Universal Trim Kit
You save $12.96 (24%)
Factory Effex Metal Mulisha Universal Trim Kit Factory Effex has redesigned their popular Metal Mulisha Universal Trim kit for 2012! Colors are available to match Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and
Factory Effex
Carbon Fiber Fork Shield
You save $3.96 (22%)
The Carbon Fiber Fork Shield Graphics from Factory Effex feature:Realistic carbon fiber look Completely covers upper fork area Scratch resistant printing on 15 mil. Ultracurve vinyl, extra thick and
Factory Effex
Swingarm Stickers
You save $1.96 (18%)
Swingarm stickers from Factory Effex Scratch-resistant printing on 15 mil. Ultracurve vinyl Die-cut 1.75" X 10.5" Perfect for the lower fork or swingarms 2 per package
Factory Effex
Temperature Sticker
You save $2.96 (20%)
Factory Effex Temperature Sticker Easy to apply strip measures the temperature of engine, suspension and radiator components Temperature range of 149 degeers to 248 degrees Fahrenheit These type
Factory Effex
Carbon Fiber Sheets
You save $3.96 (20%)
Factory Effex Carbon Fiber Sheets Stickers that give you that genuine carbon fiber look Printed on scratch-resistant 12 mil. Ultracurve vinyl Perfect for forks, swing arms, airboxes, etc. Two 1
Factory Effex
Graphic Swingarm Sticker
You save $2.96 (20%)
Swingarm stickers from Factory Effex feature: Back printed on scratch-resistant 16 mil. Ultracurve vinyl Extra thick and impact resistant Includes right and left sides Sold in pairs,
One Industries Kayaba Fork Decal Thick vinyl to protect your bikes forks from the harshest elements. One Industries and Kayaba bring you a must have fork decal for any bike.
Factory Effex
Suspension Spec Sticker
You save $0.96 (19%)
Suspension sticker used by factory Team Chevy Trucks/Kawasaki is now available to you This spec sticker can be applied to your forks Back printed on scratch resistant 16 mil. Ultracurve vinyl Extra

Latest Reviews

Cassidy (Spirit Lake, ID)


Supermoto Front Fender

I ordered the fender for my YZ125 and it looks awesome! You have to drill the holes in the fender but it only takes a couple minutes. I don't do supermoto but I saw this and I figured I'd order this for $24 instead of like $35 for a restyled fender. I definitely recommend the fender especially for the price.

Shawn (Killingworth, RI)

Cost Benefit

Horrible Fit!

Would not buy if you have a KTM. I bought for my 2012 KTM 350 EXCF. Model number was right on the bag all the plastics came in, but the taillight did not fit and I had to grind the underside of the rear fender. Really? -Grinding a brand new part to fit! Then none of the holes lined up on the radiator shrouds. What a hassle. The fit was awful. I found out that Polisport makes the OEM plastics for KTM. I would buy them next time.

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