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Sidi Street Bike Boot Accessories for Men

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Sidi Touring Lug Soles
Sidi Touring Lug Soles Sold as a pair. Fits the following: Sidi Armada Gore-Tex Sidi On-Road Gore-Tex Sidi Canyon Gore-Tex Sidi Adventure Gore-Tex Sidi Adventure Rain Sidi Traffic Rain Sidi Traf...

Latest Reviews

Marc (Kissimmee )


Sidi Canyon Gore Tex Boot Staps

I have had these awesome Motorcycle boots for about 4 yrs. The adjustment straps on the boots are like ski boots with a ratcheting adjuster. I stripped the straps on both sides and couldnt quite get the straps tight because some of the ridges were stripped. 30 second replacement and the boots work like new. I had no idea where to find them and finally found them here at Motorcycle superstore.... first choice in gear and accessories for my motorcycles.

Detrich (Los Angeles )

Cost Benefit

Compatible with SIDI ST Boots

I bought these as extra sliders for my SIDI ST Boots. And, they look spot on. As such, they scrape really easily. Not the most durable slider, but then again I've noticed nearly all sliders mar very easily.