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Kenda TR-6 / TR-4 Inner Tube
TR-6 / TR-4 Inner Tube
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Kenda TR-6 / TR-4 Inner Tube Thicker than most MX tubes, the Kenda TR-6 / TR-4 Tubes resist punctures and pinches in difficult off-road riding. Made of butyl rubber TR-4/6 stem type **Closeouts ar...
Kenda TR-87C Inner Tube
TR-87C Inner Tube
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Kenda TR-87C Inner Tube Made of butyl rubber TR-87C stem type **Note: Product may vary from image depending on size.

Latest Reviews

Elliott (Bellingham )


Inner tubes for Scooter

Had a shop put the new tires and inner tubes on the week they arrived here (June, 2015), and they've been holding air ever since on a daily rider. The 90 degree angled stem takes air well. Can't comment on any of the four attributes other than that! However, ask me again in 2 years, and that should be the test. :-) P.S. The wheel tape was not needed on this installation, but will use in the future on my bicycle. Kind regards, E.