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Motorcycle Heated Gear for Women

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Firstgear Remote Dual Heat Troller
Firstgear Remote Dual Heat Troller The best and only way to run your Firstgear heated gear, the Remote Dual Heat Troller can be mounted almost anywhere while allowing you to make quick and easy adj...
Firstgear Dual Portable Heat-Troller
Firstgear Dual Portable Heat-TrollerFirstgear Dual Portable Heat-Troller™ designed for 1 person to variably control heat separately to multiple garments such as a jacket liner and gloves It can als...
Firstgear Heated Socks
Heated Socks
  • Black
Firstgear Heated SocksIndispensable on long motorcycle rides, the Firstgear Heated Socks take over where your riding boots leave off. Made from thin micro fleece, the socks fit under any shoe or bo...
Firstgear Women's Heated Pants Liner
Firstgear Women's Heated Pants LinerForm fitting, close fit for optimum heat transfer to body. Made of Spandex fabric allowing full range of movement for any activity and fits easily under your out...
Firstgear Women's Heated Rider Gloves
Firstgear Women's Heated Rider GlovesThere's nothing worse than trying to operate your bike with cold, numb fingers. Bulky, unheated gloves make things even tougher by reducing feel, reaction time ...
Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Gloves
Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Gloves Tour Master® Synergy® 2.0 apparel is designed to operate from a vehicle's standard 12-volt electrical system to provide unmatched levels of warmth and comfort....
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Gyde Women's G4 Glove
Women's G4 Glove
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  • Black
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Gyde Women's G4 Glove Gyde, Powered by Gerbing, 12 volt is the global leader in powersport wearable technology. Using our advanced interconnect system, Gyde garments plug right into your electrical...
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Firstgear Women's Heated Waterproof Jacket
Women's Heated Waterproof Jacket
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Firstgear Women's Heated Waterproof Jacket Whether it is worn as a standalone or slipped under your existing jacket, the Women's Heated Waterproof jacket from Firstgear makes an excellent cold weat...
Firstgear Carbon Heated Gloves
Carbon Heated Gloves
  • Black
Firstgear Men's Carbon Heated Gloves Combining formidable street protection with cozy warmth, the Firstgear Men's Carbon Heated glove is the ultimate cold weather motorcycle option. Built using hig...
Firstgear BMW Plug 18in Coax Adaptor
Firstgear BMW Plug 18in Coax Adaptor BMW-style plug with 18” of 18 AWG wire to a SAE connector The plug is filled with sealant to keep the wires from coming out and to make it water...