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Saddlemen Highwayman Slant Saddlebags
Saddlemen Highwayman Slant Motorcycle Saddlebags Highwayman Slant-Style Motorcycle Saddlebags provides you with high quality at a competitive price. The adjustable yoke construction helps produce ...
Saddlemen BR3400 Sissy Bar Bag
Saddlemen BR3400 Sissy Bar Bag Two mounting systems included in Saddlemen's Versa-Mount under-seat yoke and harness or an adjustable sissy bar strap system that easily attaches bag to your motorc...
Saddlemen BR3400EX Combination Bag
Saddlemen BR3400EX Combination Bag SaddleStow BR3400EX Dresser Back Seat or Sissy Bar Bag. Leather-look marine-grade vinyl version. Great versatility - can either be used as a sissybar bag, or a...
Saddlemen Pet Voyager
Saddlemen Pet Voyager The best way to carry your small pet on your motorcycle in comfort, plus this carrier doubles as an effective cargo bag. Multiple vents and access flaps let you vent fresh ai...
Saddlemen Desperado Slant Saddlebags
Saddlemen Desperado Slant Saddlebags New nostalgic-look saddlebags available in three sizes Made of a durable combination of materials including genuine leather, marine grade vinyl, chrome-plat...
Saddlemen R1300LXE Delux Roll Bag
Saddlemen R1300LXE Delux Roll Bag This is the perfect bag when you're looking for that quick add on for more storage.  Easily added and removed with the use of bungee cords or tie straps.  This bag...
Saddlemen HC2900 Hard Case Trunks
Saddlemen HC2900 Hard Case Trunks Saddlemen's Hard Case Trunks offer great looks, convenience and security for any bike. Holds two full face helmets and other needed gear 48 liter / 2900 cubi...
Saddlemen BR4100 Dresser Back Seat Bag
Saddlemen BR4100 Dresser Back Seat Bag Fully rigid; can be leaned against, even when empty 2 tie down straps Full size top opening for easy packing Top carry handle and backpack straps for e...
Saddlemen TS3200 Deluxe Sport Tailbag
Saddlemen TS3200 Deluxe Sport Tailbag Universal, quick-detach mounting system quickly secures bag to frame, passenger pegs, etc.; tunnel straddles most racks and back seats for easy on/off mounti...
Saddlemen Cruis'n Deluxe Sissy Bar Bag
Saddlemen Cruis'n Deluxe Sissy Bar Bag Leading-edge style and construction matches a variety of motorcycles from customs to performance cruisers. Leather-grained UV and weather-resistant 3mm thic...
Saddlemen Saddlebag Liners
Saddlebag Liners
$18.00 - $26.00
  • Black
Saddlemen Saddlebag Liners Attractively styled liners fit inside your saddlebags Packed liners can be inserted and removed without disconnecting saddlebags from bike Wire-reinforced decorative ...
Saddlemen EXR1000 Universal Roll Bag
Saddleman EXR 1000 Universal Roll Bag These beautiful Saddlehyde leather-grain bags instantly increase your bikes storage space by 1,000 cubic inches. The roll bags can be mounted in seconds to m...
Saddlemen Tour Pack Lid Organizer
Saddlemen Tour Pack Lid Organizer Trim, functional organizer fits snugly to the inner lid of a classic Harley-Davidson Tour Pack. Organize your trip packing and maximize your cargo space using th...
Saddlemen Saddlebag Lid Organizer Set
Saddlemen Saddlebag Lid Organizer Set Trim, functional and smartly styled organizers fit snugly into the lids of your FLH-style saddlebags. Organize your trip packing and maximize your cargo space ...
Saddlemen R850 Roll Bag
Saddlemen R850 Roll Bag With its versatile mounting system, the Saddlemen R850 Roll Bag can be installed on almost any luggage rack, back seat or sissy bar. In addition, the R850 clips onto most Sa...
Saddlemen Packing Cube Liner Set
Saddlemen Packing Cube Liner Set Four-piece liner set includes one full-size liner bag matched perfectly to the shape of your FLH-style saddlebag plus one vertically oriented half-size liner used...
Saddlemen Tank Bag E-Pack
Saddlemen Tank Bag E-Pack Bring your smartphone, GPS or other electronics on your motorcycle. Strong magnets keep the weather-resistant pouch secured to your metal fuel tank (magnets are shielded ...
Saddlemen Adjustable Bungee Kit
Saddlemen Adjustable Bungee Kit Makes mounting anything easy Includes two heavy-duty bungee cords, each with two rugged hooks Cord length is adjustable from 5" - 24"
Saddlemen Dry Bag Waterproof Paks
Saddlemen Dry Bag When on a true motorcycling adventure you need to protect your personal electronics and belongings from the elements and nothing does that better than Saddlemen's Waterproof Pak l...

Latest Reviews

Laurence (sierra vista )

Cost Benefit

A total waste of money

This made in China piece of garbage fell apart in less then a year with very little use. Would have been better off spending a little more money on a better product.

Anthony (Yanchep )



heaps of room, lots of pockets and easy access. Stable on the bike, and a real head turner. Lots of comments at Servo's when fuelling up about looks and functionality. Didn't get wet so can't rate the waterproof cover yet. Won't need it in Australia anyway. Highly recommend. Great, fast service and postage. Sterfy

Dee Dee (Medford, )


Great Carrier, not great material

Our Pumi is just under 15 lbs., and was new to riding last summer. He traveled a little over 20k miles in this carrier with no issues. However the carrier has faded HORRIBLY. It looks blue or even purple all over. Our other luggage is exposed to the same elements. The bag is removed every night and taken inside or is in the garage. Very disappointed that this bag does not have the longevity for this price.

Kia (Dothan )

Cost Benefit

Great bag

Great bag in texture and compartments. Although it didn't fit my backseat properly. It kept sliding side to side, but I didn't have any fear that it would fall off. Waterproof bag worked excellent ran into a major rain show on the way home. I was soaked but at least the bag was dry as the desert.