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O'Neal Racing Tirade/Fastrack II Helmet Shield
O'Neal Racing
Tirade/Fastrack II Helmet Shield
$35.99 - $40.99
You save up to $4.00 (10%)
  • Chrome
  • Clear
Tirade/Fastrack II  Helmet Shield Optional or replacement shield Fits the O'neal Tirade and Fastrack II Helmets Available in 4 options Fog-free Scratch-resistant **Closeouts are limited to stock on...
O'Neal Racing Commander Bluetooth Helmet
O'Neal Racing
Commander Bluetooth Helmet
You save $30.00 (10%)
  • Black
O'Neal Racing Commander Bluetooth Helmet Forget the hassle of installing a Bluetooth communicator, the O'Neal Commander Bluetooth helmet has one built right in! Using the latest 2.0 Bluetooth techn...

Latest Reviews

Jacob (Welsh )

Air flow
Cost Benefit

Great helmet. Terrible company.

This is a great functioning helmet. The speakers can be heard at interstate speeds. To be heard talking on the phone from my experiences you have to be going less than 45 mph to be heard clearly. Air flow is as good as my 50$ afx helmet. But you don't notice it unless you're not listening to music. My problem came when the tinted drop down visor broke and I needed it to be fixed. The Blinc company actually tried to help me but stated the don't make the parts anymore. O'Neal themselves weren't rude but said they would not help me because they don't make the helmet anymore which is weird because it's still for sale on different websites. I had to call back and basically get a manager to possibly help me get the "parts" which I know won't fix it. So they are selling a helmet they can't fix? They just kept giving me the runaround. So now I'm stuck with a broken helmet. The helmet is fine (when it's functioning) but if you get it don't expect to have any customer service. You will be left out to dry. O'Neal is a name I won't support anymore. Customer service is what keeps people coming back and unfortunately O'Neal loses big in that category.

Wayne Cridland (Sandpoint )

Air flow
Cost Benefit

Good Helmet for the Money

I bought this helmet 5 years ago and have been very happy with it. The fit was correct and sits well on my head, even at 75mph. There is some wind noise with it but not bad enough to wear ear plugs. I like that I can lift the face and take a drink without removing the helmet. Good helmet for the money.

Eran (San Francisco )

Cost Benefit

It's supposed to be see-through?

Whatever company makes these needs to re-learn how to make transparent visors. The plastic cover has weird streaks through it, making the ride very surrealistic.