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2005 Yamaha YFZ450 Clutch Kits

2005 Yamaha YFZ450
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Standard CK Series Clutch Kit
$13.99 - $146.99
You save up to $7.01 (4%)
EBC Standard CK Series Clutch Kit Cork-based clutch material impregnated with aluminum particles to increase wear life and heat resistance Highly compressed construction avoids swell and clu...
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DRC Series Clutch Kit
$42.99 - $201.99
You save up to $10.01 (4%)
EBC DRC Series Clutch Kit The complete clutch kit, the EBC DRC Series comes out of the box ready for your dirt bike or ATV. And while providing a stock-like clutch feel, the DRC Series can easily h...
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Hinson Racing
High Performance Clutch Kit
You save $20.00 (10%)
Hinson Racing High Performance Clutch KitIncludes fiber and steel clutch plates with springs Can be used with O.E.M. baskets, inner hubs and pressure plates Developed with and recommended to enhanc...
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Dirt Digger Carbon Fiber Clutch Kit
$96.99 - $194.04
You save up to $21.56 (10%)
Barnett Dirt Digger Carbon Fiber Clutch Kit Includes friction plates, steel drive plates, and a set of springs Carbon Fiber segmented friction plates are extremely durable and heat tolerant A high ...
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Rekluse Core Manual with TorqDriveWhat is the performance advantage? The TorqDrive clutch pack is comprised of 12 steel drive plates and 12 friction discs instead of the usual 8 and 8 plate pack. T...
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KG Clutch Factory Complete Clutch Kit For riders requiring top performance and reliability from their motorcycles at a competitive price High-performance Kevlar plate kits available for most ...
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Jack Hydraulic Clutch System
You save $29.96 (9%)
Magura Jack Hydraulic Clutch System Eliminates cables which fray and collect dirt and rust Self adjusting; delivers consistent pull - no more "adjust-on-the-fly" Doesn't fade throughout moto S...
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DRCF Carbon Fiber Clutch Kit
$118.75 - $211.99
You save up to $11.01 (4%)
EBC DRCF Carbon Fiber Clutch Kit The DRC Kits from EBC are world famous and literally millions have been sold, but the new DRFC kit raises the bar again. Where the early DRC kits feature cork bas...

Latest Reviews

David (Chester )


My Review

I will have to say that the product was easily installed into my wife's Yamaha 1600. Extremely satisfied. Very satisfied with the product.

Joseph (College Station )


Perfect for '01 ninja 250

I installed these on my ninja to replace the previous springs, which had compressed over time. The clutch is performing MUCH better now, and the improvement better than expected. I am very pleased with these springs; they have solved any slippage issues I had.

Aaron (Hugo )


No complaints

I put these in my '03 YZ450F in about ten minutes. I ride in very hilly and rocky terrain with just the right amount of sand and mud here and there, and have had no issues with these clutch plates. I ride every weekday for around 4 hours and 12+ hours on weekends. I would recommend these plates to anyone.

P (Ypsilanti )

Cost Benefit


This part is actually the large O Ring for the outer clutch cover. It is not the gasket that is shown in the picture. I thought I was ordering the paper gasket for the clutch cover to crankcase. I ended up having to return it.

Rob (Victoria )



Someone in the manufacturing facility must have messed up. One of the tapped holes for mounting the backing plate was drilled and tapped after the akadizing process??? I dont know how this will affect the treatment in the long run but at the time I needed the basket installed so I will have to live with it. Otherwise it is a superior high quality product.

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