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    Your motorcycle or scooter isn’t just your pride and joy; it’s your property, and often a valuable investment as well. A motorcycle alarm can help you ensure that your machine remains your property and doesn’t disappear into the night. Motorcycle thefts have been on the rise annually, with tens of thousands stolen in the U.S. each year. One of your best defenses to give you peace of mind when you park your bike is a motorcycle alarm. At Motorcycle Superstore, we carry a wide selection of motorcycle alarms for street bikes, cruisers and scooters from top motorcycle alarm brands like Scorpio. Here you will find motorcycle alarms with disk locks, remotes, paging systems and other features. For a few Andrew Jacksons or Ben Franklins, you can potentially save yourself thousands with a new motorcycle alarm from Motorcycle Superstore.

    Featured Motorcycle Alarms

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    Factory Connector Kit
    $24.95 - $29.95
    $22.99 - $29.95
    Scorpio Factory Connector Kit While all Scorpio systems are universal and will fit on any motorcycle, the available factory connector kit allows all Scorpio alarms to be integrated into t...
    Scorpio SR-i900 RFID Security System Giving priceless security and convenience, the Scorpio SR-i900R is a one of a kind two-way FM security system that utilizes hands-free RFID technology. Simply walk...
    Closeout 49% off
    SR-i600S Two-Way FM Alarm
    You save $189.96 (49%)
    Scorpio SR-i600S Two-Way FM Alarm Scorpio's compact SR-i600S, replacing the SR-i500SW, alarm is the first impact-resistant, waterproof, LCD controller that combines both remote and paging capabilitie...
    Remote Ignition Disabler
    You save $2.96 (10%)
    Scorpio Remote Ignition DisablerWith this remote ignition disabler from Scorpio you get an advanced ignition kill with anti-hijack features that allow the user to immobilize the ignition system to pre...

    Latest Reviews

    Marc R (Roseville)


    Just Right

    I needed a power source for my GPS and Cell Phone. This is an easy hook up and a fantastic fit for my bike (HD Street Glide). It's clean, sleek, waterproof and easy to install. This is exactly what I was looking for and I am thrilled to have it on my bike.

    Chad (San Diego)


    amazing charger

    If you're looking for a solid 12V power supply, look no further. This item takes the careful details into account. Mounting to the handlebars is a snap, and there is plenty of power cord to go from the handlebars to the battery on any style of motorcycle. Highly recommended for use in GPS or phone charging applications!

    Rob (Westland)

    Cost Benefit

    Still running strong

    I got it for my 2006 GSXR 600. These bikes are known to have problems with the stock R/R. I spent the extra money for the quality of this one. I've put on about 1,000 miles since putting it on and my bike still starts up every time without any hesitation. I highly recommend going with this one rather than the cheaper ones you can find. It'll save you money in the long run.

    Kiernan (Seattle)


    Didn't fit my bike!

    I bought this Iphone/USB charger for my Triumph Tiger 800. After receiving it, turns out it's the typical car sized cigarette lighter charger thats NOT fitted for my smaller motorcycle outlet. Luckily I managed to use it in my car for a camping trip and charge 2 devices while driving. So, the product works great, FOR A CAR. But if you need this for your bike and you have the smaller outlet, it won't fit. Still on the hunt for the one the one that will.

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