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GMax GM46.2X Traxxion Helmet
GM46.2X Traxxion Helmet
You save $8.96 (10%)
  • Black/Orange/White
GMax GM46.2X Traxxion HelmetWithout any carbon fiber, Kevlar or hybrid composite material, GMax has created an adult dirt bike helmet that weighs less than 3lbs. And for less than $100. That's quit...

Latest Reviews

Steve (Orange )

Cost Benefit

So far, so Good

I like them and they do work. My only complaint is with Motorcycle Super Store and the Manufacturer. It is really difficult to figure out what you need to make all of the products work together. Ideally, you need a rheostat and a way to hook up to the bike (accessory plug adapter/hard wire/ other). I bought the wrong extensions for this to work with the rheostat due to no information. they have two extensions: 1) for gloves 2) "other" I bought the "other" because the chaps and my vest are not gloves. Well, I needed the extension for gloves FOR MY CHAPS. My fault? I think not. That is why they get a bad review on the features.

K Letts (Milton )

Cost Benefit

Heated gloves

These gloves would be great if the batteries would be better. One of the batteries died after 45 minutes at low, first time out, and there are no batteries for me to even buy. So, the gloves are useless to me. Which makes them a $169.00 cost wasted. I won't even tote them around cause they don't work well. I just have to hope that replacement batteries for me to also buy become available, which they are not now, more money on top of my original cost. I'm a ski instructor and at serious cold temps, my hands need protection. These gloves failed. Despite a great fit, lovely look but no battery. The company offered nothing to ease my loss. That hurt almost worse than my cold hands. I asked about returning them and got this request to write a review. Seriously?

Shane (Arlington )


Absolutely amazing!!!

Works great with my Rmz450 and my CBR 1000! Does a great job of stabilizing these bikes in my truck bed or on my trailer!!!