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Icon Mil-Spec Mesh Vest
Mil-Spec Mesh Vest
  • Orange
  • Yellow
Icon's Mil-Spec Mesh VestJumping through hoops to get that new bike onto base? While we can't help you bypass military regulations, we can help you meet them without looking like a construction wor...
Icon Regulator D30 Stripped Vest
Icon Regulator D30 Stripped VestProtect your turf while the Regulator's ™ D3O® Viper back protector watches your back. Features: ICON Relaxed Fit 1.4MM Premium Leather Chassis D3O® Impact Protector...
Icon Regulator D30 Vest
Icon Regulator D30 VestThe Regulator D30 Vest is one of those profound products that creates its own dimension for protection in and out of those famous bars.  The Regulator is made of premium 1.4m...
Icon Brigand Vest
Brigand Vest
  • Stealth
Icon Brigand VestFrom the leader in armored motorcycle vests comes the Brigand. Consider it a tactical riding rig, capable of doing leather work on a textile salary. The Brigand, like all Icon vest...
Icon Women's Mil-Spec Corset Vest
Icon Women's Mil-Spec Corset Vest While many have tried to imitate the Icon Mil-Spec line, none can match our ingenuity. The Mil-Spec Corset vest continues Icon commitment to the evolution of ...
Icon Hypersport Vest Patch
Icon Hypersport Vest patch Run your colors like a boss with our inter-changeable HSP vest patches.  It attaches with velcro making customizing your vest as easy as Sunday morning.
Icon Hypersport Prime Vest
Hypersport Prime Vest
$230.00 - $250.00
  • Black
  • White
Icon Hypersport Prime VestLive fast. Be fast. Go sleeveless. The Hypersport Prime vest is the Hero's devil-may-care brother. TrackSpec™ leather plus D3O® back and side impact protectors are fitted ...
Icon Interceptor Reflective Vest
Icon Interceptor Reflective Vest Icon has long recognized the unique riding requirements of the U.S. Military member. Our line of Mil-Spec products has led the charge for high conspicuity gear tha...
Icon Mil-Spec Instructors Vest
Icon Mil-Spec Instructors Vest Finally, a Mil-Spec Vest made just for the instructor. Includes all the same features as our original Mil-Spec Vest, but Icon's added a reflective instructor logo ju...
Icon Hypersport Stripped Vest
Icon Hypersport  Stripped™ VestThe ICON Hypersport Stripped™ vest is devoid of flashy graphics, allowing your no words and big stick to do the talking. TrackSpec™ leather chassis, D3O® back and sid...