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Jims Fork Leg Holder Tool Holds fork legs and tubes for easy hands-free servicing or rebuilding Mounts in vise to hold fork to 2" dia. max. firmly during repair without causing damage to fork ass...
Jims Piston Ring Compressor Set Stop fighting your piston rings when installing a piston into a cylindar! Jims Piston Ring Compressor Set will fit pistons 1.875" - 2.875" and will hours of frustr...
Jims Fuel Pump Retainer Remover Tool Use for quick and easy service of fuel filter and other fuel-related parts Removes and installs retaining ring holding fuel pump Heavy-duty construction Made i...
Jims Main Drive Gear Wrench Tool Removes larger 2-1/4" hex nut from end of main drive gear that secures the rear drive transmission pulley Made in the U.S.A. For 06 Dyna models and all 07...
Motor Stands
$92.95 - $102.30
  • Black
Jims Motor Stands Designed for Jim's Alpha and Beta Series Engines, this steel mount will give you better access to your motor, should you need to work on it, or to display your V-Twin on your kit...
Jims Swingarm BushingTool Use to remove and install swingarm cleveblocks Cleveblocks are silicone-filled bushings that will be damaged if not installed properly Made in the U.S.A. ***Note: For 8...
Jims Mainshaft Bearing Race Tool Used to remove and install the inner bearing race on the transmission mainshaft Made in the U.S.A. ***NOTE: For 84-06 Big Twin (except 06 Dyna)
Jims Oxygen Sensor Socket Tool Removes and installs oxygen sensors on fuel-injected models Socket has 3/8" drive receiver or can be used with a 7/8" wrench Socket will withstand up to 125...

Latest Reviews

Rick W (Brookings )

Cost Benefit

More than welcome in my toolbox

Excellent ring-compressor tool. Made a 'delicate balance' kind of job much more secure and efficient. I've had some luck doing it bare-handed, but these pieces with the precise width and grip of the band(s), the ease with which they can release slightly enough to slip the barrels, are more than welcome in my toolbox, and worth the price for one (1) ring-job in my book.

Dale (Plymouth )


Fork holder

Extremely well made and durable. Made the job much easier. Fits multiple size tubes. Easy to adjust. Highly recommend.

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