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Ricks Motorsport Electrics Stator
Ricks Motorsport Electrics
$74.95 - $259.95
Ricks Motorsport Electrics Stator A brand synonymous with electric stators, Ricks Motorsport makes stators for almost every kind of motorcycle and ATV. OEM quality and better, Ricks Motorsport will...
Ricks Motorsport Electrics Starter
Ricks Motorsport Electrics StarterStarters bolt on as direct replacements for OEM Constructed with longer-life bearings **Note:  Item is bike specific, may vary from image **Closeouts are limited ...
Ricks Motorsport Electrics CDI Box
Ricks Motorsport Electrics CDI Box CDI box enhancements from Rick's Motrorsports includeduplicator circuits, increased RPM redline and altered ignition advance curves Designed to enhance overall...
Ricks Motorsport Electrics Primary Coil
Rick's Motorsport Electrics Primary Coil High-quality OEM replacement coils Hot Shot ignition coils produce an enhanced spark for a cleaner, more complete burn than OEM, resulting in the potent...

Latest Reviews

Dallas (Seagraves )


ricks 21-102 stator for honda goldwing

So far it is working great. I have over 15 volts to the battery now. I do not want to take the motor off the goldwing again, so I hope it lasts. the whole electrical system on the bike (84 goldwing standard) works like it should now. It was easy to install, once the engine was removed and it fit perfect. I also replaced the clutch disk with a set of KG high performance,they also work and fit like they should.

Gary (Kingston )


Virago starter drive--PERFECT

The guy that installed this said he couldn't believe what I paid for this because the quality is amazing! He bookmarked the site for future purchases!